Pirate Weekly News

September 2, 2015

Dear Parents,

Our class got their iPads on Monday afternoon and we have been busy getting them set up with various apps to use in class and at home. The IXL app is one of my favorites and I'll be sending home instructions on how to use it to practice math and grammar skills.

Don't forget, PE is on Fridays and we have an extra PE class on Tuesdays (first semester only) try to remember to send your child to school with sneakers on those days.

Units of Study

Math: Place value through millions, rounding and comparing numbers Test on Friday!

Science: Weather and Climate Patterns (Water Cycle and Cloud Types)

Social Studies: Native American Groups of North America (Eastern Woodlands, Plains, Great Basin, Southwest, Pacific Northwest)

Language Arts: Guided Reading Groups, Writer's Workshop (Narrative Writing), Shared Reading The Best School Year Ever, cursive handwriting, independent reading, Novel Studies

iPad Orientation

Please complete the iRock orientation if you haven't already, located at https://rockhill.instructure.com/courses/1082. After you watch the video, click the "Next" button, until you get to the electronic form. Submit a form for each child you have in grades 3 - 12. After you have completed orientation, the school will be able to look it up online.

Important Dates to Remember!