First Ladies' Financial Summit

Sample of Audience Participants and Topics

Host, Her Excellency Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, First Lady of Belize

Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow

Wife of the Prime Minister

Special Envoy for Children and Women

Global Ambassador for Special Olympics

Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow is committed to a sustainable financial legacy associated with the health and well-being of women and families. The Inaugural First Ladies' Financial Summit is a private gathering of her peers who have the distinct honor of serving nations as the First Lady or President of a country. Accessing the unique resources and influences of First ladies's is an opportunity for invited partners to chart a new course in history associated with the women.

In the vitally important role as Executive Director for the Belize Tourism Industry Association, she made numerous invaluable contributions to the strategic development as well as the implementation of the long-term roadmap for Belize’s tourism industry. Using her international contacts and experience she facilitated valuable partnerships that have greatly enhanced and benefited the growth, Mrs. Barrow is expanding her influence to help other First Ladies and Nobel Women Laureates have access to successful financial partnerships.

In September of 2008, Mrs. Simplis Barrow was appointed by Special Olympics International as a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics movement, joining the ranks of well known international personalities like Nelson Mandela, Bono and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the first such honor accorded to a Belizean. In that same year, she was also appointed as Belize’s Special Envoy for Children and Women.

Being appointed as the Global Ambassador for Special Olympics and Special Envoy for Children and Women were naturally befitting of Mrs. Simplis Barrow, who has worked tirelessly and passionately for many years as a community activist and advocate for the rights of children. Her passion is exemplified by her strong commitment and dedication to these special platforms and to Lifeline Foundation, which raises thousands of dollars annually to aid disenfranchised children. Her foundation has championed many causes, but her primary focuses have been on children infected with HIV/AIDS, support for orphans and nutrition programs for children.

The First Ladies' Financial Summit will produce tangible outcomes associated with banking, corporate, philanthropic and technology partners. She can think of no greater legacy than to assure a sustainable financial model benefiting the health and well-being of those she is dedicated to serving.

First Ladies Inaugural Financial Summit - Fulfilling The Financial Legacy

Wednesday, May 14th, 9am to Friday, May 16th, 12pm

Radisson Fort George Hotel, Belize City, Belize

Belize City

Women + Money + Technology + Health = Sustainable Influencers

May 12 Arrival of First Ladies' staff

May 13 Special Session for First Ladies' staff

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The Purpose: Informing & Accessing Monies

  • Assessing the feasibility of a First Ladies' and Nobel Women's World Bank
    • A non-political, fiduciary banking/fund management resource
    • Establishing guidelines
    • Facilitating access to international $$$
    • Inform the First Ladies about who, where and how to access large funding partners
    • Introduce potential partners
    • Educate First Ladies and Nobel Women about resources, management, leveraging, etc.
  • Funding directly from funders - Meeting the funders
  • The money associated with philanthropy and what it means for local economies
  • Micro-lending
  • Monies associated with technology
  • Monies associated with digital literacy
  • Monies associated with health
  • Programs that work get funded
  • PNG, Government, Inter government funds, corporations, Personal and Private funding resources
  • WMM
  • UN Foundation
  • Synergos
  • Grameen Bank
  • Money associated with philanthropy and what it means for local economies

Gael Sylvia Pullen - Founder of Sylvia Global Media Network, WMM Member Philanthropist

Gael Sylvia Pullen is the Creator of "The Global Call To Actions for Women & Girls' Health." of which the First Ladies Financial Summit is the first action step.

She is a pioneering businesswoman, prolific speaker, and ardent philanthropist resulting in her membership in Women Moving Millions . Her life’s goal is to empower and inspire all to see the good that is around us. Acting out of her core values, she is the founder Sylvia Global Media Network, a global broadcasting digital platform, that serves as a sphere of influence for women and girls around the world. Channeling quality, trustworthy content, Sylvia Global Media Network is a referral source of amazing women and enlightened men. Her passion meets purpose as the leading proponent of the “Global Call To Action for Women and Girls’ Health – The First Ladies Campaign."

She is also the founder of Girls Fly! Former owner of Ghail Media Group –the largest Spanish-radio broadcast in northeastern Ohio, Charis Real Estate – the largest minority-owned (revenue generated) commercial real estate brokerage firm in southern California during the mid-80’s -, and as a recently retired award-winning McDonald’s franchisee, “I have always wanted to create a place of influence that would amplify the diverse voices of women and girls, the incredible work being done by image activist globally, by women’s funding networks from donors to grantees.

Re-imaging what is commonly associated with wealth, the word philanthropist and revealing alternative models of what success truly is, Sylvia Global is the connective tissue for all the good perpetuated in our lives at every level. From the least expected places to a refreshing perspective from the most familiar, here is an opportunity to hear and see added dimension to what women’s work truly is.” “I see women and girl’s financial health and philanthropy are inexorably linked. To create healthy women and girls, we need to reimagine the word philanthropy and our place in the charity equation. It is often assumed that the recipient of philanthropy is only capable of being on the receiving end. But there’s this other side to women and girls – the Women Moving Millions side. We are capable of being incredible change agents.”

Joy DiBenedetto - Co-Sponsor of the First Ladies Financial Summit

President and CEO of Friendship Force International

Founder and former CEO of HUM: Human Unlimited Media, working to build the world’s first and only ‘all-nation’ content and information agency. An award-winning 20-year media veteran, she has covered every major global event in successively senior positions, from the studio and in the field; domestically and internationally; as a producer and manager.

Until March of 2008, she was the global vice president of network booking and research for the CNN News Group, where she oversaw daily and long-term guest coverage for CNN’s domestic and international news networks and platforms, managing a worldwide editorial staff.

Prior to this, DiBenedetto served as director of network booking for CNN’s domestic networks. While at CNN she developed and managed the Newsource affiliate guest booking service called “GuestSource,” created the first internet interview programming for CNN.COM, and worked to build CNN’s exclusive guest booking system. Before joining CNN, she worked in Turner Broadcasting’s corporate finance division. She has also previously worked for CARE, the international humanitarian group, and as a caseworker handling senior citizens for New York City.

Her collective work throughout a professional career spans both the media industry and humanitarian interests, as reflected in a multitude of projects designed to bring both of these passions together.

Throughout her career she has strived to elevate the importance of global understanding and to unite the world’s people. She pursued this goal with Turner Broadcasting, CNN and HUM by making positive change towards “closing the Geographic Gap” in media, as well as by serving at various humanitarian efforts with CARE, the Fugee’s Family and the United Nations, among other partners.

Summit Categories & Invitees

  • Banking/Financial Partnerships
  • Global Philanthropist
  • Media Strategist
  • Technology Strategist
  • Health Experts and How Technology Increases Financial Revenue Streams

Women Moving Millions Trailblazers

What is a trailblazer?

It is human nature to chafe against the status quo. Our hearts, spirits and souls know that we can do better. Only a few are called to step out front and take action, however. They are the ones who see a vision of what the world could be – and begin to chart a path that would lead to the actualization of that vision.

This is what happened to a specific group of women we identify as the Women Moving Millions Trailblazers. Though these women spanned different areas of the globe, and came from different families and backgrounds, they found their way to each other – and in so doing, ignited a seismic shift that will soon be felt worldwide.

The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines a “trailblazer” as “one that blazes a trail to guide others, a pathfinder, a pioneer.” The Trailblazers whose faces shine forth from these pages – joined by their

Anonymous sisters – have blazed new trails in funding, activism, and philanthropy. What made these women unique was their courage and commitment to write checks at unprecedented levels. As more women joined their ranks, the initial footpath created widened into the global movement: Women Moving Millions. As this movement continues to grow, it may rival our interstate highway system as the vehicle through which women claim their rights. It is our intention, within the pages of this book, to give these Trailblazers the recognition and respect that they deserve.

“tell matilda we’re answering her letters!” (referencing matilda Joslyn gage’s letters to
her sister suffragettes, wherein she asks, referring to women of wealth, “Why don’t women fund women’s rights?” – Kayrita Anderson

Trea Yip : Dallas Women's Foundation Milestones
Why Physicians Use ClinicalNotebook by Dr. Marcy Zwelling
Mary Tidlund - The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation with Gael Sylvia
The Impactful Work of The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation

The Moonridge Group, Julie Murray


What are you passionate about? What news headlines compel you to get involved? Most donors begin their philanthropic journey with a sense of what pulls at their hearts, but how to affect real change is more complex question.
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We also offer execution and management of your programs and can serve as a buffer between you, your employees, and constituents, ensuring that your wishes remain top of mind, your grant making is working effectively and efficiently, and most importantly, your results are in direct proportion to your investment.
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To paraphrase Andrew Carnegie, one of the chief obstacles facing philanthropists is the practice of “indiscriminate” giving. With so many pressing needs in our communities, nation and the world at large, it is not unusual to feel torn between multiple causes.
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Special Guest Speakers Associated with Business and Philanthropy

Mrs. Cookie Johnson

Mrs. Jacki Zehner

Cookie Johnson Jeans

HIV-AIDS - Magic Johnson Foundation


“In order to plan your future, you must know your past” – Earvin “Magic” Johnson


The HIV/AIDS epidemic that is ravaging communities of color throughout this county is directly related to the educational trajectory of children and youth. Education is key. We have found that by increasing knowledge and academic achievement in areas with disproportionately high levels of HIV/AIDS infection rates, we can positively influence this trajectory and effectively address the social determinants of health.


Magic Johnson Foundation’s successes include:

  • Tested over 41,000 people in the last 10 years
  • Given over $10 million to HIV grassroots organizations
  • Given over $3.2 million dollars in scholarship support (excludes UNCF contributions)
  • Magic Johnson’s CEC’s have served over 245,000 individuals
  • Served over 45,000 youth through our social efforts
  • Donated over 300,000 toys through our annual holiday initiatives

Jacki Zehner at TEDxWomen 2012

Sylvia Global Media Network

Positive Media for INNOVATIVE WORLD Thinkers, Doers and Donors - Creator of "The Global Call To Action for Women & Girls' Health" - Sponsor of The First Ladies Financial Health Summit