Cesar Conde

All about his life


In 2003 he joined Univision interactive media as CEO. And he was also vice president of Galavision network. He is an American media executive, currently serving as executive vice president for NBCUniversal.

Early life

He grew up in Miami with his Father Cesar A. Conde and mother Maria Conde And His brothers George Conde and eldest brother Enrique Conde. He attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory high school where he stood out academically and athletically. He attended Harvard University

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summary of Cesar Conde

Cesar Conde was born in Miami fl. were he went to Belen Jesuit deprecatory high school and excelled in academics and athletics then when he was done with high school he graduated from Harvard university and got a job to be CEO of glactavison in 2009 in today he is vice president of NBCU univison