smore #5

hypocrisy in commercial's

How do you think there is hypocrisy in advertising in general? I feel as if the commercial’s now have a lot of hypocrisy in them. The way they show them not even focused on the product showing something other than the product. The hypocrisy in these commercials are horrible, one of them is alcohol. Everybody drinks and when these commercials come up of the alcohol in one hand and this beautiful woman right next to them, wishes that everybody wants that. Still, at the end of every commercial tell everyone to drink responsible knowing that in most cases something always happen. Another problem is tobacco, these businesses still make money I mean a lot of money from people that addicted. With this people still die and people still keep on buying. For what so they could still die? Selling this stuff as if it was healthy for you then turn around and think that this is one of the main killers in America. Horrible, in so many ways and why to poison us? I think it has gotten worse over time cause these things keep happening what to do to these commercials in today?