Fourth Grade

Week 6

A Note From 4th Grade

Dear Eagles,

We hope you all are doing well and enjoying time with family. As we continue with distance learning, just remember what your teachers have taught you so far. Try your best, but work hard.

Please know your students will not be penalized for late work. As always, your students health and happiness (as well as yours) are our priority. If your student needs to take a break to decompress or just be a kid, please let them! If your family needs any help during this time, please reach out.

Under the assignments section below, you will find a button for this weeks assignment checklist. The assignment checklist will now reflect grading guidelines for the 4th 9 weeks. You will still see assignments for the week but we will also identify (in bold) what assignments will be graded for the week. Grades can be found in Parent Access Center. You will also see a button for a link to canvas under the assignments section. This is where students can enter their login information to access all assignments for this week.

Canvas tutorial video for students:

The video above will walk students through how to access all of their assignments online.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have as we navigate uncharted waters!

Eagles Soar!


Mrs. Muller, Mrs. Cirilo, Ms. Moore, Ms. Cohen, Mrs. Tessem, Ms. Shafer, and Mrs. Varnum

suggested at home schedule


Physical Activity - Walk, stretching or yoga

Academic - Select a reading or math option

Free Time - Music or dance activities with Alexa or apps, Legos, drawing, crafting, cooking, etc.


Quiet Time - Reading, puzzles, nap

Academic - Select a science or social studies option

Physical Activity - Exercise Break

Free Time - TV shows, bikes, walk dog, outside time, Legos, drawing, crafting, cooking, etc.


Just for fun!!

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Below are links to great resources/online games if you are looking for additional practice activities.