Nuclear Fusion


Stephiopean Lab corp.

Scientist Stephanie Sorensen and her team from Stephiopean Labs corp. have unlocked the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source, just as energy is created in the sun.

Fission v. Fusion

The Differences

Fission creates energy by splitting atoms apart, which releases so much energy that the atoms fly off, hitting other atoms and creating a chain reaction.

Fusion, on the other hand, creates energy by combining atoms. The collision of the atoms creates enough energy to emulate the Sun.

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Safety First

because of the enormous amounts of energy that will be produced by fusion, the reactions must be held in a safely contained area, with careful monitoring by skilled scientists.

Economic Benefits

Though the process can be expensive, it will cut down on all other energy source prices. once the plant is built and the scientists hired, fusion will be significantly cheaper than any non-renewable energy source, but more reliable than any renewable source.