Fourth Grade Fundamentals

February 5

Important Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, February 10 - Play it Safe Presentations

Friday, February 12 - VALENTINE'S DAY parties/Jumprope for Heart collection forms due

Monday, February 15 - STAFF DEVELOPMENT (No School for Students)

Look for a "Sign-up Genius" e-mail next week so that you can plan for our student/parent/teacher conferences which are on the following days:

Wednesday, February 17 - EARLY RELEASE at 11:45 for Conferences

Thursday, February 18 - EARLY RELEASE at 11:45 for Conferences

Friday, February 19 SOCK HOP ---- 6:30 p.m.

Friday, February 26 Spring Picture Day


GRAMMAR - We are better editors now then we were at the beginning of the year. Did you notice an error in the underlined sentence? Ask your editors what it takes to be a good editor? First of all, you have to be willing to reread your writing! Secondly, you have to know a lot of grammar rules. In this case, you have to know that when you're writing with comparative adjectives, you use than (not then). You see, the word then is a sequencing/order word. Than is the word used for comparing two things. This is tricky because so often is sounds as if we're saying "then" in our everyday speech when we really mean, "than!" I know....this is certainly more grammar than you every bargained for!

SPELLING - Our orthographers will continue to examine contractions, compound words, and commonly misspelled words. The quiz for the concept your speller has been focusing on will be on Friday, February 12.


We will continue to focus on editing and revising.......because it makes a difference when we do! We will also continue to work on sentence structure to improve our overall writing. Once students have more mastery on writing both compound sentences and complex sentences, they will figure out how to use this knowledge to avoid two writing no-no's (run-ons and fragments).


After battle victories at Gonzales, Goliad, and San Antonio, Texas leaders decide it's time to establish a new government. The new government had problems because some people wanted to remain part of Mexico, while others wanted to declare independence. Delegates met again at the Convention of 1836 to create a new country, the Republic of Texas. The Texas Declaration of Independence was written, and it stated that the people of Texas wanted the freedom of religion, the right to a trial by jury, and the right to petition. Texas Independence Day is celebrated on March 2 every year due to this important declaration. The delegates met again to create the Texas Constitution, which included a Bill of Rights just like our U.S. constitution. Wow! We covered a lot of territory.

Science News

This week in science has been all about the moon! We've had about one week of tracking the moon each day. They are well on their way with their Moon HW. Remember to encourage your child to check out the moon each day/night.


This week in math we have been enhancing our fluency with long division. Wow, students are really getting the hang of it! It does take lots of practice! Students also know that they can check division with multiplication. We have also been working on interpreting remainders. Reading word problems carefully is the key to determining what happens to the remainder. Sometimes we keep it (and the remainder is the answer), sometimes we drop it (and just the quotient is the answer), and sometimes we have to round/bump it (and we have to add one to the quotient). Students have learned to read carefully.


Discussion groups wrapped up studies on fictional genres this week. We took some time to reflect on not only what we learned about the different genres, but also about what we learned about each other as we collaborated with our friends.