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Our journey began when we like so many people felt exhausted,out of shape and wanting a better life for ourselves and our children. After finding a diet plan and regular exercise our lives started to take on a new purpose. We started to feel better and have more energy. A big key factor in this was the food we started eating not only that ,but the way in which we where preparing it. The diet plan which we followed showed us some key points that many people are missing in today's society. Like convenience is a major part in making or breaking your wellness journey. How to cook in healthier ways and which foods help or hurt us the most. So,are purpose now is to spread the knowledge we've learned and pay it forward with a newsletter full of shopping list recipes and helpful hints.

Let's do Lunch!! (Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups)

5 Ingredients

35 Calories

20 minute prep time


1 cucumber

3 slices of (unprocessed turkey deli meat)

1/2 tomato diced

shredded lettuce

Regular or Spicy brown mustard

Peel cucumber,slice using a veggie peeler after removing the skin. Then continue to peel around the seeded middle.

Place cucumber on a flexible cutting board or parchment paper,place turkey on top.

Put your other veggies in a thin line on top of that(and if putting mustard on do so now)

Lift the edge of your cutting board or parchment paper to help with getting it to roll,roll tightly place a toothpick in the center of each cucumber slice. Separate with a knife serve and enjoy! ( these are better fresh if made to far in advance may become soggy)

Our hope for you is to be successful!

This recipes is just a small glimpse at what can be expected from us. Our main focus is on helping you become successful in you wellness journey. Remember the first step in making any change is the decision to do just that change and it starts with you!!