Motor Skills Timeline

By: Kelli Bridgeman

One to Two Months

First month- Lifts chin when placed on stomach

Second month- Lifts chest well above surface when placed on stomach

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Three to Four Months

Holds up head steadily

Reaches for objects

Rolls from side to back and from back to side

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Five to Six Months

Sits alone briefly

Uses hands to reach, grasp, crumble, bang, and splash

Turns completely over when laid on back or stomach

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Seven to Eight Months

Reaches for spoon

Eats with fingers

Picks up large objects

Pulls self up while holding on to furniture

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Nine to Ten Months

Stands holding on to furniture or other supports

Crawls on hands and knees

Walks when led

Reaches for and manipulates objects, including medium- sized ones, with good control

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Eleven to Twelve Months

Shows preference for one hand over the other

Holds and drinks from a cup

Fits blocks, boxes, or nesting toys inside each other

Stands alone

May walk alone

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