Glidden Campus Board Report

July 2019

Monthly Report to the Chequamegon School District About the Glidden Campus

Chequamegon Middle School & Glidden Elementary School

Glidden Campus Summer Work

The Glidden Campus has been busy this summer as numerous new and current staff are working in the building to plan for the year, and the maintenance staff and the summer crew are working hard to get the school ready. Several committee workdays have taken place or are scheduled for this month in order to update universal school projects and plans. As seen below, refinishing the gym floor is an annual task that was pushed back well into the summer due to the summer school schedule and gym use.

Big picture

Chequamegon Middle School 6th Grade Orientation

Wednesday, Aug. 21st, 6:30pm

64 S Grant Street, Glidden, WI 54527

Ms. Sarah Kronberger, Mrs. Stephanie Ernst, and Mrs. Ann Kief have started planning for our 6th-grade orientation. This event gives incoming 6th graders some extra time and information to help ease the transition to the Glidden Campus.

New Summer School & District Resource with DNR Safety Courses

Offered this summer through the Chequamegon Summer School programs at the Glidden and Park Falls Campuses were DNR Safety Courses offered by technical education teacher Mike Stoiber. Mr. Stoiber offered boating, ATV/snowmobile, and hunter's safety courses along with certifications. Mr. Stoiber's accreditation to instruct these courses will allow more opportunities throughout the school year for students to participate in these courses on an extracurricular basis.

Exciting New Technology!

Summer work time gives me the opportunity to explore and try new things to become more efficient in my role. Two new technology programs are in the works and are evolving as we all learn more about using them.

New Website

The transition to a new website platform has happened and there is still work to do! My experience thus far has allowed me to create a more useful and hopefully user-friendly webpage for my school. My page is still under construction, but it will be fully functional within the next few weeks!


You will notice a new look to my monthly board report. It has been created using a program called SMORE. Although I am also at the initial stages of managing this program, it has monumental potential in order to improve communication among faculty, staff, students, parents, and any other stakeholders. This program allows us to create flyers, events, and newsletters and then send or link them digitally. It also has the ability to provide analytics on how many people are reading and viewing our information! Very excited!