Newsletter for PHES Students and Families

April 4, 2022

STEM Night a Huge Success!

Thank you for coming to STEM night and for learning and having fun as families. Thank you to our faculty for preparing and staying very late on Thursday, and a big thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped make STEM night possible.
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" The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds and to advance the kind of science, math, and technology education that will help youngsters take us to the next phase of space travel."

-John Glenn, Jr.

Winners of the STEM raffle will be notified in the morning announcements on Monday. They can pick up their prize from the front office.
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Recruiting highly engaged members for the Providence Hall Board of Trustees (Board) with diversified experience and a variety of backgrounds is vital to the success of Providence Hall as our school is constantly growing, expanding, and evolving to meet the needs of our students, parents/guardians, employees, and community. If you are interested in having your application considered to be a member of the Board, you can read more about the Board and complete the Board Member Application by visiting

Upcoming Events 🗓

April 4-April 15 - End of Year Writing Exams (Grades 3-5) ✏️

April 6 - TA and Para-educator Appreciation Day

April 7 - 5th Grade PYP Exhibition

April 8 - Fantabulous Friday Assembly and Dress Down / Blood Drive

April 11-15 - Resilience Week

April 12 - Maturation Meeting for 5th Grade GIRLS and their families

April 14 - Maturation Meeting for 5th Grade BOYS and their families

April 15 - National Librarian Day 📚

April 18-25 - SPRING BREAK 🌴

April 26 - Kindergarten Round Up (For incoming Kinder families)

April 26 - May 13 - End of Year Math and Reading Exams

April 27 - Secretary Appreciation Day

May 2 - 6 - Teacher Appreciation Week 🍎

May 13 - PH Spring Carnival 2-7pm 🎡

(be sure to stay current on all PHES events by using our Google Calendar)

Cheers to our TAs and Paraeducators!

Do you know who your child's TA and/or Paraeducator is? Take this opportunity to thank them for the special attention they give to your kiddo. They are unsung heroes in many ways; underpaid and perhaps unappreciated. I can tell you that our school would not be exceptional without them. Cheers, fellows.


Spence - Sariah Gray

Spence - Amanda Sanovich

Olsen/Sullivan - Kate Rico

Olsen/Sullivan - Elysse Steffen

Vance - Rachel Schafer

Vance - Angela Del Negro

1st Grade

Buerck - Kailee Sharp

Miller - Lenae Crowe

Cooley - Gracelin Green

Thurston (Judd) - Khiaura Packer

LeGendre - Lindsay Winn

2nd Grade

Zimmerman - Aimee Weigel

Del Negro - Rose Garside

Olsen - Shelby Norton

Lundskog - Emily Lund

Mecham - Sharell Cook

3rd Grade

Wiley - Michelle Figueroa

Hicks - Parker Heugly

Randall - Franell Naylor

Cowart - VACANT

Lickiss - Kim Brown

4th Grade

Otterstrom - Cherri Waddell

Belnap - Abby Dewsnup

Lewis - VACANT

Ita - Danielle Smith

Chapman - Poornima Prem Kishore

Pike - Lydia Trammell

5th Grade

Kidd - Ashton Maurer

Reeves - Melanie Jensen

Young - Ashley Bybee

Hurst - Aubrey Martinez

Patterson - John Sowa

Smith - VACANT

PE - Whitney Baker

Coaching Aide - Krista Cloward

Art - Raquel Baez

Special Education

Kidd - Brooke Sorensen

Felise - Bethanie Bailey

Katsos - Kyrsten Talley

Williams - Paige Higbee, McKenna Weidauer, Sharlie Bodell

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Visitors, Vendors, and Volunteers, use this website for all the info imaginable about our Spring Carnival

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Counselor Corner

Hello, Parents!

We have loved being able to teach your students this year! It has been so fun to see how they have grown from the beginning of the year until now.

This week in Social Skills, we will be learning:

K: Inviting Others to Play

1: Reviewing Second Step Skills

2: Reviewing Second Step Skills

3: Reviewing Second Step Skills

4: Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

5: Reviewing Second Step Skills

Contact information:

Miss Kristen Leininger

Grades 1, 3, and 5

Mrs. Amanda Jenson

Grades K, 2, 4, and Special Success

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4th Grade Marketplace Day

4th Graders engaged in a "class store" activity this week. Students thought of items to sell and were tasked with marketing their merch, setting prices, and interacting with customers carrying play money. It was a great opportunity for students to practice real-world math skills!
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What's for Lunch?

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Look who had a BIRTHDAY

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"We The People" Dance

The elementary school choir, JR Dance Team, HS Choir, HS Dance Team, HS dance class, and HS cheer teams are included in this dance showcase along with some Native American guest performers and competitive cloggers. We are very excited to perform We the People Dance, a representation of American History through dance.

Tickets will go on sale Monday, April 25th at

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PHCS Cultural Fair

Use this FORM to volunteer
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