April 2020

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Texas 4th graders rank among nation's Top 10 in NAEP Mathematics gains!

Texas ranks in Top 10 of the States in mathematics gains between 2017 and 2019 for fourth-grade public school students assessed in NAEP mathematics.

Source: https://www.nationsreportcard.gov/mathematics/states/scores/?grade=4

SAFETY TIP: A proper school security plan requires coordination and communication between law enforcement agencies and schools. During an emergency, how will schools contact first responders? A plan that includes layers of communication (alert system, radio bridge, video sharing) is often the best one. Contact Mutualink to learn more - 866-957-5465.

Dear Friends,

"A man was packing a shipment of food contributed by a school for the poor people of Appalachia. He was separating beans from powdered milk, and canned vegetables from canned meats. Reaching into a box filled with various cans, he pulled out a little brown paper sack. Apparently one of the pupils had brought something different from the items on the suggested list. Out of the paper bag fell a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, and a cookie. Crayoned in large letters was a little girl’s name, ’Christy -- Room 104’. She had given up her lunch for some hungry person."

This illustration is typical of educators during this crazy time. The sacrifices teachers, and educators in general, are making in order to meet the needs of their students is an inspiration. THANK YOU to educators for showing what extremes you are willing to overcome to make a difference in the lives of your students. #TeachersAreEssentialToo !


Blake Cooper

Executive Director

Corporate Partner Spotlight

Schneider Electric helps K-12 School Districts find funding for their wish lists. When considering modernization projects, many educators have the same three priority items on their wish lists: safety and security, classroom comfort, and athletic environments. Here’s a look at how several school districts used an energy efficiency program to fund major campus improvements. To learn more about how Schneider Electric can help your school district achieve its vision, visit www.enable.schneider-electric.com
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During times like these, we all realize just how important our Texas teachers are, and how much they deserve our support, just as they have supported us. Is there a teacher you want to thank for the difference they made in your life? Go to TeachersCan.org and use the “Thank A Teacher” prompts to create your own thank you video or post, and use the hashtags #TeachersCan and #ThankATeacher. Let’s let teachers know we are with them, and we appreciate them.

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DK Roofing provides our clients with a full-service roof offering. Since 1991, we have worked with Texas public schools to provide service, maintenance, restoration, and re-roof options, as well as to navigate insurance claims and board approvals. Our CenterPoint software provides instant service dispatch and access to all findings. 866-DRY-IT-IN
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