Mission San Deigo De Acala

Maria Ramos 2016

Mission History

Mission San Deigo De Acala built and dedicated on July 16, 1769. My Mission was numbered 21. It was made by Kumeyaay . Also the founder of this mission was Frayserra . The most people that lived at the mission was1,500 .1803 Earthquakes severely damaged the church . In 1769 Father Serra and the Governor Portola of Baja California arrived at San Deigo Bay . The Mission was location in 15 miles north of the California Mexico border, on a hill about eight miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Daily life

Saint Diducaus of Alcala lived there . Their job was to clear lands. The soldiers and friars worked together. The crops were grown in barely. No there was not a school in San Diego de Alcala. There was a church and the was other buildings. They did not let the soldiers and Indians have free time. There schedule for the soldiers and Indians was first the soldiers and Indians ate and then at noon the were working and then.

Mission today

The mission San Diego de Acala is open is Saturday at 5:30pm and Sunday is open at 9:00am 8:00am and also 7:00am and in the weekdays it is open at 7:00am and 5:30pm. In the San Diego church does not have service and it is not open. The San Diego church is open and it does have a museum.


Kathleen J . Edgar and Susan E. Edgar are the authors the San Diego de acala who wrote that book. The place I got the information fro my mission was www. California missions resources center.Com.