Perseverence Infographic

By: Zack Tomaras

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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was always a great baseball player. Everyone knew that he had a ton of talent but nobody wanted him to play for their team because of his color. He took all of the adversity he got and used it as motivation. Finally after many years in the African American leagues 1 MLB team came to his game and saw him play. After the game the coach talked to him and he asked him to play. Once he was in the MLB everyone hated him but he took all that adversity and persevered through it to become one of the best players in the MLB.
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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was a very good basketball player. A lot of teams didn't want him though because he needed to be a shooter for his height because he was too small to be a center. He made his high school team and all he did was practice his shooting. After a couple of years many teams noticed that after all of his practicing he had a huge shooting percentage and later on in life he went to college, and also the NBA.
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J.K Rowling

J.k Rowling had a very bad start to her career. She was a homeless single mom. She wrote many books but always would get turned down. One day she sent a book to the publishers and they took it and said it was a great book and that they would publish it. Later in her life she published 7 more books in 1 series and that series became one of the most known book series of all time.