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TeachingBooks provides original, in-studio movies of authors and illustrators and a wealth of multimedia resources on K-12 books that generate enthusiasm for books and reading

Ski Soldier Trailer v5
Matt de la Pena | Author Video
Jason Reynolds reads from Long Way Down
Listen to Kate DiCamillo

Listen to Kate DiCamillo share her writing process and then ask your students to write their own stories.

Create Your Own Picture Book

Create your own picture book using this Dreamers activity kit.

Virtual Learning Ideas

For elementary, intermediate and secondary levels


How do I access TeachingBooks?

To best support remote learners, credentials are not required when using the Book & Reading Engagement Kit: Home Edition.

If you would like to delve deeper into the TeachingBooks Educator side, you can still access the full version for free, as Questar III SLS provides this resource to you.

First, navigate to From there you will be prompted to sign in as either an Educator or Student.

Contact Amanda Karian for student login credentials.

Teachers can, if they so choose, register for an account using the Educator option. They do not have to, but it has extra benefits like creating rubrics, etc. It is worthwhile to create an Educator account.

Direct access without username/password

Login credentials are currently not required

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Is there an easy way to share TeachingBook resources?

Absolutely, sharing resources with your district's teachers and students is very easy. For each resource, there is an option to share via Google Classroom, email, text, and more.

Can I share these resources with others outside of my district?

Yes, you can. Permission to post these buttons and direct access links in the public domain is granted through at least the middle of September 2020.

Additional Resources

The TeachingBook Blog

Holds many ideas for remote learning with TeachingBooks

TeachingBooks Webinar

Learning Target: Discover resources that will expand the experience readers have with books. Deepen connections to books while discovering online materials to engage readers, support families, and empower colleagues.

Reveal insights with book and author resources
Expand accessibility for all audiences
Discover new titles that enrich reading
Set up for Success


If you have any questions about using TeachingBooks remotely, please do not hesitate to contact Amanda Karian.

Questar III School Library System

Kerrie Burch, Director of School Library System, Model Schools, and Arts

Amanda Karian, School Library System Specialist