Melnicki Moment

September 16, 2016

We've completed another successful week in room 308!

This week we have done a lot of writing. I know this can be stressful and tiring for students. This will get easier as we move through the year. Encourage your student to focus on their strengths and trust that with practice it will get easier.

Mrs. Melnicki

This is my 16th year teaching and my 4th year at Boone. I am so excited to work with your student this year. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions, concerns or need more information.

What's happening in class this week . . . .

Writing, writing and more writing. And a little reading for good measure. All joking aside, this week students worked to master the introduction and conclusion. On Monday and Tuesday we worked on specifically writing better openings and closings. We used the character of Sergei from "What, of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?" for a study of character and point of view in our writing. Wednesday allowed for some peer editing before submitting the work. Thursday and Friday we completed a mid-quarter assessment where students read a fiction text, Langston Hughes' "Thank You Ma'am" and a non-fiction text radio transcript from NPR called, "A Mugger Treats His Victim Right" and used them for a comparison of theme / central idea. Everyone made a great effort on this first big writing assessment.

We will spend time next week making revisions to our writing from this week and expanding our understanding my using multimedia, like video and images, to analyze and review. We will also spend some time on a PSAT practice test and then the booklets will come home for additional review opportunities.

Progress Reports and Extra Help

  • Progress Reports are available beginning today. Additionally, I sent home special missing work reminders and invitations to extra help detention with 30 students who are struggling. This will be held on Thursday, Sept. 22 from 2:20 - 4 PM. Check the letter your student brings home for more details and instructions.

  • If your student has a grade below a 75% they need to come for extra help. I am available after school every day (except Wednesday) until 3 PM. Encourage your student to be proactive and come early and often.

  • Below is a picture of my empty classroom on Tuesday. The day before progress report grades are due and I was all alone. Lots of students would benefit from revision and additional practice. Encourage them to stay!
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Let's talk about books. Readers are leaders.

Important Upcoming Dates

September 27th: Open House (I can't wait to meet you!)

October 7th: 1st Quarter Book Projects are due. More information to come, but be sure to encourage your student to read 20 minutes per night.

October 13th: End of 1st Quarter

October 19th: Campus Wide PSAT Testing

Make Self Care a Priority this Weekend

As I sit here listening to the silence of writing I am also hearing a lot of sniffling and coughing; I've been infected too. Encourage your student to spend some time on self care this weekend. Get rest, drink fluids and plan time for those things in the upcoming week. It is hard to slow down, but absences for illness are even more difficult.
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Word Nerd Question

Every week I will ask a question related to English / Language Arts. The first three students who bring me a correct answer will receive a reward. So, put on your thinking caps . . . .

Congratulations to Tatyana Dixon, Anson Alexander, Kaitlyn Connolly and Kerry Rimmer who earned sweet treats by knowing that "E" is the most commonly used letter in the English language.

This week's question is inspired by a conversation I had with Rusty Dagon about books this week.

How many books were published in the United States last year (2015) and what is the most popular or saturated category?