Coco Chanel

Grace Shields, 3B


  • Born on August 19th, 1883 in Saumur, France.
  • Grew up in an orphanage, raised and taught by nuns.
  • Started off selling hats in Paris. She then added stores and started to sell clothing, hen came up with her first perfume in 1920.
  • Never married. She was with the duke of Westminister for a good amount of years, but they did not continue. She also had an affair with a German Nazi officer.
  • Died on January 10th, 1971 in her apartment at the Hotel Ritz


  • Simple, yet ordinary designs; purses, perfume, hats, and clothing.
  • Started designing in 1910, and continued until she died. Her designs and products are still being sold and are still influencing the fashion industry today.


  • Used monochrome colors; black, white, or different tones of only one color.
  • Made her clothing out of jersey, a fabric commonly used for men's underwear.


  • First fragrance in history to win the FiFi award in every country in a single year.
  • Inducted into the 2012 FiFi Hall of Fame.
  • Won the Neiman Marcus Award for distinguished Service in the field of fashion.


  • Couture/Bridge
  • One of a kind, original designs.


  • Put in an orphanage at 12 and raised by nuns.
  • Began career designing hats.
  • Made the little black dress popular.
  • Came from a poor background.
  • Designs and products are still being sold to this day.