The Truth About Scams

CJ Kaegi 3rd HR Clik7

Truth is...

Your friend's vacation probably hasn't gone terribly wrong, you probably haven't won $5,000,000 in the Nigerian lottery, and you probably don't have a rich cousin waiting for you in Europe.


CJ Scams Commercial by adarr12

So Here's You.

You just got an email from the local funeral service saying that your best friend has just passed away. Why haven't you gotten the call from their parents? You panic. Flail around, pace, you don't know what to do. So you decide to click the link in the email. There's your downfall.

Rules of Identification

1. Too good to be true

2. A link to an email or site

3. A general greeting (To whom it may concern)

4. Spelling errors (most large corporations spell check)

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