Ocean Currents And Climate


Big Ideas

1.) The oceans and the atmosphere form a closely linked "dynamic duo''. Energy from the sun, plant distributions, and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere can affect temperature and circulation patterns of this ocean-atmoshpere duo.

2.) The sun is Earth's main source of energy. Solar energy is absorbed by both oceans and continents. But; because the oceans cover over 70% of Earth's surface and are darker than the continents they absorb more of the sun's energy.

3.) Oceans not only absorb lots of energy from the sun, they can also store lots of solar energy; in the form of heat, and they can do this with very little change in temperature.


1.) Why has our global climate changed drastically and frequently over our planet's lifetime?

2.) How does the ocean store and transport the energy from the sun and how it the climate involved?

How Does It Affect Us?

Changes in the oceans can affect the atmosphere in the same way that the atmosphere can affect the oceans changing them in temperature or creating weather.