My Digital Footprint Evaluation

By: Thaiz Soto

Digital Footprint

Is anything you post online, a Digital Footprint consists in what you post. What people think about you. Anything you post online, always stays there, even if you delete it. People can screenshot whatever you post, or save the pictures. A Digital Footprint is who you are.

It is important because it affects your future. It can affect it in a good way or in a bad way. People can think good thinks about you or bad things. Everything depends in what you post and what you say online.

Examples of tools that best represent my Digital Footprint.


Examples of tools that best represent my Digital Footprint.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


The purpose of this tool is to communicate with your friends, family, people you interact with. Also Facebook is used to post what you do, post pictures, videos and share with your friends what you like to do, your hobbies, what you did, what you accomplished etc... Some people use Facebook only to see what's going on around the world and/ or to watch funny videos since so many pages post interesting and funny videos.

Facebook impact my Digital Footprint in a positive way, I always try to post only positive stuff and never be mean to people or post anything inappropriate. Also I like to post what I like to do and meet new people who may have the same interests as me. I know my Facebook has a positive impact, because also I have some of my teachers on Facebook and I want them to know that I keep working hard to achieve my goals. Sometimes I post what I achieved.

My Digital Footprint says a lot about me, that I'm a funny person, I like school, I always accomplish what I want and some of my interests.


Twitter is commonly used by people who likes to be posting what they do and their interests. Many people also use it to create new #Hashtags and/or tag people they follow. Some people use Twitter to follow celebrities, because as we know, celebrities have Twitter accounts and people keep track of what they do. You can also use Twitter to mention people, and more people can see what you do.

Twitter impacts my Digital Footprint in a positive way. I commonly don't use Twitter to be posting everything I do, but every time I post anything is always positive things. I mostly use Twitter for school projects or homework. I know my Twitter is a good source of my Digital Footprint because my teachers follow me and I can ask them anything, I'm sure they won't say anything bad.

My Twitter says about me that I'm a hard worker when talking about school, because I always accomplish my work and also it says some things that I like


Instagram is mostly use by people who like to post beautiful pictures such as what they think, or pictures people took in beautiful places. Instagram is also use to read recipes, watch videos, see photos of you family and friends who you follow or people who follow you. People use Instagram to post what they like and also to post what they like to do and share videos with people.

Instagram affects my Digital Footprint. everything I post is positive. I know My Digital Footprint is good, Is affected in a positive way. I never post negative things, nor be talking mean things about people or be spreading rumors. I also use Instagram for my homework when I need it.

My Instagram is mostly about pictures of myself or quotes. My Instagram says that I'm a happy person.


My Digital Footprint has a positive impact. It's going to be helpful in my future, because people will know what I like to do, what I can do, my skills. Also I would meet new people with same interests as me also I don't have anything inappropriate, so people will know I like to be polite

Improving your Digital Footprint

You can involve in many activities and be posting about them, and what skills do you have, so you can meet people with same interests.

Delete everything inappropriate you have before is too late and people won't think anything bad about you, never be posting anything bad about anyone.

Maintaining a positive Digital Footprint

The most important thing that I learned about this is that a simply thing you post can affect your future.

I will keep a positive Digital Footprint by never posting anything bad and also be involved in activities and be posting about my skills.