Principal Parker Weekly

February 3, 2022

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Focus on family - always


I'll keep it short today. Take care of your family.

If you need help - please ask for it.

If you are asked for help - provide it.

We will make it through whatever is challenging us - together.

Thanks for continuing to take care of each other - see below for details of honor roll and other reminders.

We are lucky to have so much support from our Taylor Road community!

PBIS values: Be responsible -- Be respectful - Be proactive

This week's learning repeats last week's: Keep Going - Don't Give Up

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Here's to another great week

SHARE See it. Hear it. And Report it Every time.

Thank you for sharing your family with us.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @TaylorRoadWay and @Proud_Tigers and on Facebook for updates. We will also continue our traditional Messenger newsletter, along with weekly principal emails. You can always find more information on our website.

I love my job!

Core values of TRMS: Engagement, Rigor, and Relationships

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Congratulations to our Honor Roll Students from First Semester

These lists have been updated due to an computer error. We are proud of all of these students! We will celebrate these students at a future date.

Principal's Honor Roll (All A's)

Excellent Honor Roll (All A's & B's)

District Honor Band & District Honor Chorus Participants

Congratulations to our Chorus Students who were selected to participate in the District V Honor Choir on Friday, February 4th, all day. The concert is on the following day, Saturday, February 5th, at 2pm at Crabapple Baptist Church, across from Northwestern Middle School.

Micah Giraldo – 8th Grade

Jia Lee – 8th Grade

Edmund Schroeder – 8th Grade

Aleena Thomas – 8th Grade

Madison Tyler – 7th Grade

Congratulations to the following Band Students for their selection through competitive auditions to be part of the Georgia Music Educators Association District 5 Honor Band:

Ian Brill – 7th Grade Trumpet

Raymond Chan – 7th Grade Clarinet

Ellie Choi – 8th Grade Flute

Gayoon Jeon – 8th Grade Flute

Ethan Pae – 8th Grade Clarinet

Amber Qian – 7th Grade Clarinet

Soojeong Shim – 6th Grade Flute

Matthew Wojcik – 8th Grade Alto Saxophone

Lucas Zhang – 8th Grade Percussion

Valentine Treats - Safety Reminder

Dear Parents or Guardians,

As we approach Valentine’s Day, it is important to ensure that all homemade candy, desserts, baked goods, or other edible items are not to be sold or distributed during school hours, and that appropriate store bought items are delivered to the administration. Please know that taking this measure will help us maintain a safe environment for all students with allergies, etc. You can help us protect your student(s) by requesting that they not eat anything given to them by another person, anything that they have not brought from your home or anything not in its original sealed package.

Thank you for your continued partnership in keeping all of our students safe at school!

Buy Your Yearbook Now!

Dear Parents,

Yearbooks are currently on sale, and can be purchased through The deadline to guarantee a copy is 2/21.

Supplies are limited and we sold out last year, so be sure to order your book today!

Health & PE Textbook Adoption

K-12 Health & PE Textbook Adoption

During the 2021-2022 school year, FCS will review resources for textbook adoption for Health & PE in Grades K-12. All teachers and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the public review from January 24, 2022 through February 25, 2022.

Please visit the textbook adoption website for additional details.

For more information please contact Jodie Fleming at

Notification for Parents of Students Taking Accelerated Algebra I/Geometry A This Year

This year's EOC (End-of-Course Test) for students taking Accelerated Algebra I/Geometry A will on Thursday, February 10, 2022. This test covers the Algebra I concepts the students have learned this year.

Students will be involved in testing until approximately 12:30 PM.

Please contact Mr. Huggins or Ms. Keeney with any questions.

Milestones Testing Days

April 25: ELA Part 1 (all grades)

April 26: ELA Part 2 (all grades)

April 27: ELA Part 3 (all grades)

April 29: Algebra I EOC (students in Algebra I Honors)

May 2: Math Part 1 (all grades)

May 3: Math Part 2 (all grades)

May 5: Science EOG/Physical Science EOC (8th grade)

May 6: Social Studies (8th grade)

Backpacks of Love

At TRMS we have a program called “backpacks of love”. The purpose of this program is to provide assistance by donating non-perishable items to our families. The participants’ names are known only to the counselors and social worker. Once every two weeks a backpack with food items are available to go home. A student can carry the backpack home, or the parent can pick it up at the front office. All we need to know is if you would like to participate, how many adults are in the house, how many children are in the house, and if there are any dietary allergies such as peanut butter. We can only provide for a certain number of families so the sooner you reply the better. We will respond regardless of whether you are in the program or if supplies run out.

6th grade Counselor- Mr. Fredric Johnson

7th grade Counselor- Mrs. Alexcia Massey

8th grade Counselor- Mrs. Cindy Sabula

Supporting our work --

Academic Excellence Donation 21-22

These generous voluntary donations will be used exclusively to purchase academic programs or supplies to support student learning or to purchase learning opportunities for our Teachers to enhance their ability to educate our students. Please enter any amount that you are comfortable donating. Thank you for supporting Taylor Road Middle School.

TRMS Staff Recognition Donation 21-22

Donation to be used by TRMS specifically for Staff recognition and awards. Any amount you wish to donate will be appreciated. Thank you for your support of our Taylor Road Middle School teachers.

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Taylor Road is on Facebook!

You can keep up with the latest news and happenings at Taylor Road MS on Facebook. Please follow us!

Important Dates

February 3: Orchestra Pre-LGPE concert, TRMS Gym, 6:00 PM

February 4: Basketball Games v. Autrey Mill MS, TRMS Gym, 6:00 PM

February 7 - 11: Candy Gram sales to raise funds for the One Well project

February 11: Basketball Games @ Holcomb Bridge MS, 5:30 PM

February 16: Basketball Games @ Northwestern MS, 5:30 PM

February 16: PTA Meeting, 6:00 PM

February 17: 6th Grade Dance, 4:00 PM

February 18: Professional Learning Day

February 18: School Governance Council Meeting, 7:45 AM

February 21: No School – Presidents’ Day Holiday

February 23: Basketball Games @ Elkins Point MS, 5:30 PM

February 24: PTA Spirit Night @ Culvers, 4 – 8 PM

February 28: Early Release Day

March 2: Basketball Games v. Webb Bridge MS, TRMS gym, 5:30 PM

March 4: Basketball Games v. Sandy Springs MS, TRMS gym, 5:30 PM

March 5: Chorus Showcase Concert at CHS, 6:00 PM

The buck stops here

See our duties divided among the administrators responsible (click photo below). We continually modify and update this chart. It is also available on the TRMS website.

We are here to help - always!

If you feel any concerns - or know someone who does - please know Taylor Road is filled with people who care. I encourage you to reach out via this website link to report concerns to me personally at any time. I immediately receive email notification of all submitted concerns, and I promise to respond quickly. The report remains anonymous, unless you choose to share your identity and allow me to respond.

Fulton Schools also has a Quick Tip app to report issues to district leaders and school police. Please continue to reach out. It is never a bother or a hardship to show we care.

Finally, there are any number of resources for stakeholders. Please follow this link for more information. Do not hesitate; ask for help.


As we define our way forward, the administrative team welcomes input. Remember, I continue to use #TheTRWayForward to tag Twitter posts that represent my vision for Taylor Road.

Follow me personally @TaylorRoadWay on Twitter. I am excited about #TheTRWayForward

Thanks for supporting TRMS!

Relationships - Rigor - Engagement