#FF Hunt High

#Follow Friday: Hunt Teachers Using Technology 9/19


#FF Stands for Follow Friday. #FF is a hot trend in twitter to recognize people that you should follow. They are usually people setting trends and becoming pioneers. Each week, Hunt High School celebrates #FF with acknowledging teachers that are willing to take risk with new technologies. Check out this weeks #FFs. Got a great project/activity to share? Contact Mr. Mayo


#FF Google Classroom Comes Alive!

Google Classroom is taking Hunt by storm! Congrats to Mr. Hinnant, Ms. Price, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Rollins for getting started with Google Classroom. What is Google Classroom? Its an easy to use learning management system simiular to edmodo/blackboard/moodle that integrates Google Drive and Google Tools. Want to get started? Check it out at classroom.google.com or ask one of these great pioneers at Hunt!


Ms. Boykin wanted to spice up some of her past lessons to teach her students about STDs. Her students for the first time used their Google Accounts to create Google Slides. Students used the research tool to cite their pictures and research as they shared their presentations with other students to educate them on the dangers of STDs. Ms. Boykin is ready to start her next digital project in two weeks! Congrats Ms. Boykin for going the extra mile to get your students moving into Google Apps for Education.


Ms. Cornman and her great DECA students decided instead of just talking about marketing, they would embrace new ways of marketing with social media. They researched social medias, policies, evaluated pros/cons, rules, regulations, and expectations of a school using social media to create "brand." Their goal was to create a social media policy and to start a positive social media branding of Hunt High School. Check out their student made Social Media Policies and Expectations by clicking HERE.
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