Fiber !

Something Everyone needs !!!

Benefits .

Fiber benefits you in many ways . Dietary fiber helps lower chlosterol & prevents many diseases such as cancer , heart disease , dibetes & many more ! Fiber makes our body feel full , the reason for this is because fiber is bulky . The function of fiber is to help cotroll weight , to add bulk to your diet , & it fills your stomach up faster .

Major sources of fiber , Little or less fiber , Facts/questions.

Raspberries , avacado , broccoli , oats , etc are all major sources fiber . Whole grain , fruits , & vegetables are also good sources of fiber . If your body dosent gain enough fiber you will gain weight , have constipation , nausea attacks , feel tired all the times , & your blood sugar will flucutate . Did you know that fiber regulates bowel movement ? Did you know if people who normally had low fiber suddenly doubled their intake, they could lower their risk of colon cancer by 4o % ? Did you know insoluble sources of fiber include fruits with skins, uncooked vegetables, nuts, legumes, bran, brown rice, and whole-grain flour ?

Fiber pictures of fruits , nuts , etc .

Acrostic poem .

Fiber is a excellent source & nutrient .

It is in mainly fruits , whole-grain , & vegetables .

Benfites your body in many ways .

Eeating habits lower , you will not eat as much .

Regulates bowel movements & helps your diet .