We open June 1st

We got the green light to OPEN

I am very EXCITED to announce that we will be opening our doors again on June 1st.

Classes will be smaller in numbers but I'm trying really hard to keep the schedule as it was.

This closure has financially hurt the Studio tremendously but thanks to the generosity of a few of you I have been able to hang on. For the past 2 months I've been paying rent, utilities, insurance, software and other expenses that I won't even mention here.

Some of you have kept your autopay going, some of you donated the rest of your packages, some of you shorten your expiration dates, some of you bought gift cards, and some made donations. THANK YOU, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I'm still not out of the woods and The Studio is still hurting so if you want to contribute in anyway like, maybe buying a gift card for a friend, do a small donation, shorten your expiration date, give up a few classes from a package that still has sessions left or even a referral that would mean A LOT.

After being closed for more than 10 weeks you can only imagine what Mindbody online scheduler has waiting for me (and you). So while I figure out all of this please be patient with me, I'll be dealing individually with the accounts.

If you write an email and you see I don't respond in 24 hours please send me a message through The Pilates Studio of Reno facebook page, I promise I will answer ASAP.

Please read the new guidelines and Studio policies.They will also be posted on the door of The Studio and on the website later today.

I'll be doing a deep cleaning to welcome you back. We are committed to keeping the Studio as safe and as comfortable as possible for your return.

Again, thank you for your support and your messages of encouragement. You kept me going through all of this.


Sophia Sefchick

PS. Let's do this!


* Please practice social distancing inside and outside The Studio.

* Classes will be limited to 8 people only.

* No pets or kids or companions allowed at The Studio

* We will provide hand sanitizer with Tea Tree Oil at the entrance.

* Duration of class will be 50 minutes long so you have a bit more time to clean any surfaces you came in to contact with.

* Besides the wipes we will have a small spray bottle with sanitizer to better clean the equipment..

* We encourage you to wear a mask to come in and out of The Studio.

* Keep personal belongings to a minimum.

* Please take your temperature at home.

* If you don't feel well please stay home until you feel better.

* If you have recently traveled please refrain from coming in for 14 days or until you've tested negative for COVID-19.

* Grippy socks are a great idea to wear during class.

* You are welcome to bring your loops and handles.

* I will be selling (cash only) loops and handles at The Studio when available if you would like to have them for your personal use.

Thank you for your cooperation, for your understanding and most of all for your patience.!