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April 8, 2013

Third Grading Period Ends on Wednesday

The 3rd grading period ends on Wednesday, April10. Kindergarten through 8th grade students will then be receiving their report card containing grades for this quarter. High school students will be receiving a progress report showing their current grades in each of their courses. Assignments for this grading period need to be completed and turned in by 5pm on Wednesday, in order to be credited towards this report card/progress report. Be sure to check your child's current Grades in each course today, so that you can find any missing assignments and get those completed before the deadline!

Thursday, April 11 is a student holiday and the 4th grading period will begin on Friday, April12.

Please support your child in finishing up this current grading period well.


Tammy Kirkpatrick
Head of School


Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences will be held this month. Be sure to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to meet with your child's teacher/advisor to discuss your child's strengths, successes, and strategies for growth. More information will be emailed to you.

April Parent Education Meeting

April Parent Education!

Topic: College and Career Awareness

Date: Thursday, April 25

Time: 5:30pm Pacific

Last Day of 3rd Grading Period

April 10

No School - Thursday, April 11

STAR Test Dates
Corona - April 22-24
Wildomar - April 29-May 2*
San Diego - May 6-8

April Parent Education Meeting
April 25

Last Day of School

June 18

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