By: Dianna Shiralian

What Is Night Vision?

Night vision is a trademark for a technology that enables vision at night, as by amplification of low light to create visible images or by detection of infrared wavelengths.

When,and my whom was it invented?

The first night vision devices were introduced by the German Army as early as 1939. They were used by German tanks & infantry during WWII. The technology was a huge success in the following decades, it entered into the U.S. it entered the Vietnam War. They used the it to amplify available ambient light and produce an electronic image of a dark area.
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How does night vision work?

Back in the 1930's when soldiers wanted to make something to be able to see at night they tested out getting a IR illuminator to shoot a beam near-infrared light that reflects off the objects and bounce back to the lens of the scope and that is what creates a visible light.
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An advantage of using night vision is that you are able;

  • You are able to see in total darkness
  • Increased mobility as a result of improved vision
  • Back in the 1940's they used this object to have better and clear images in the dark than their enemies, putting them in a disadvantage.

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Some disadvantages that night vision presents are;

  • Lack of colour/ clarity.
  • Limited field of vision
  • Necessity of an additional power source.
  • May lose your normal vision for a bit if you use them longer than 5 minutes
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