2P "Team Badger" Newsletter

November 16 - December 4, 2015


- We had a visit from Miss Tavaglione, the school guidance counselor this week. She talked to us about friendship and the things that we value in our friends. Honesty, loyalty, goofiness, and being happy, top the list!

- The High School Chorus and Jazz Band came before Thanksgiving to help start off the holiday season!

- Exploring Weather Tools from The Morris Museum! A box of weather tools and photos came to our class to help us explore our weather unit in a different way. Thanks PTO!

Math in Focus

As you saw earlier this week, we ended Chapter 3 - Subtraction within 1,000 and have started our 4th unit - Bar Models. This unit takes what we have learned about addition and subtraction and adds the challenge of word problems. Bar Models are a way to help children visualize a word problem to determine whether to add or subtract and how many parts are in the problem.

We will be sending the Parent Letter home for this unit next week for your reference.

Several times a week, we start our math lesson with a Number Talk. We ask the children a seemingly simple question like "How do you solve 9+4?" It's very interesting to see all the different ways that there are to solve such a simple problem! We then use that knowledge and apply it to a more difficult problem like "39+14". In this way, we are trying to increase the children's number sense and confidence with their math facts and problem solving.


We have been working on learning how to infer with our reading. We've been using both Fairy Tales and typical fiction stories to help us use our background knowledge and story details to infer what the characters are thinking and feeling. This is a difficult skill but one that becomes increasingly important as our readers tackle more complicated stories. Asking questions like "Why?" or "What do you think?" help children stretch these skills. We are also learning to use our "Schema" or background knowledge to help us infer.

We have some incredibly thoughtful readers! When we meet in our groups they are enthusiastic participants and offer interesting theories and and insights to our reading.

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Writing About Fairy Tales

We are writing about our reading and using Fairy Tales as our genre. We are reading Fairy Tales in our reading groups and with our partners. We are then learning how to use evidence from the text to support our thoughts about the character and identify their traits. We started by identifying whether characters were good or evil and have moved on to more complex traits, like brave, stubborn, kind, determined, and thoughtful. In this way, we are using our new ability to infer, but then supporting that inference with evidence from the text. We will continue practicing expanding on these skills until the holiday break.
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We are wild about the weather!

We are finishing up our weather unit and have learned about thunder and lightening, tornados, hurricanes, rainbows, and snowflakes!

We watched a clip of the tornado scene from the original Wizard of Oz and then identified the pattern of destruction that we saw. We looked at satellite and ground photos of Hurricane Sandy and talked about the differences between hurricanes and tornados. We watched and listened to the They Might Be Giants video "Roy G Biv" and talked about how light and water are needed to create a rainbow. We then watched a video about a scientist who studies snowflakes! Very cool! We then had the opportunity to create our own 6 sided snowflakes with origami paper and scissors. I'm hoping our windows will be completely covered in snowflakes!

Snowflake Watching
They Might Be Giants - Roy G Biv

Team Badger Teaching Team

Suzanne Pelkey - General Education Teacher

Carolyn Rommeihs - Special Education Teacher

Doreen Patrone - Teaching Assistant