Christmas is a Holiday celebrated by Christians celebrating the son of god Jesus's birthday. During Christmas people give presents to each other and have large feasts.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.


My Friend has invited me to celebrate Christmas at his house in Lebanon. My friends name is Abbas and he is 17 and is very fun to talk to. Abbas's house was decorated with lots of red, green and white using both Christmas colors and the Lebanese's flag colors. Abbas is an only child and lives with his parents. We woke up early in the morning because Abbas couldn't wait to open the presents. After we finished opening presents we had breakfast. Soon after Abbas's family came in one by one helping with the food the the large feast we thanked god for the food than we ate for dinner. Then the next day I left on a plane to go back home in Norwell.
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Christmas in Lebanon - 2012

Compare to an American holiday

If i had compare to an American Holiday except for Christmas it would be Thanksgiving because there is lots of family and a large dinner.