How can I get into UGA?

By Georgia Giddens

College and Money!

College can be very expensive but, there are many ways to solve that problem. You could get a scholarship, a loan, you could start saving your money in a piggy bank, and do many other things. At UGA the yearly out of state tuition is about $80,180 minimum! That's a lot of money! But like I said earlier get a scholarship it will make a big difference! Last year UGA awarded $7 million worth of scholarships! So, now do scholarships sound like a good idea?


There is a long process of applying to any college. You have to write long essays and lots of more boring stuff. But every thing is all worth it when you get to say that you went to that amazing college! Last year UGA had some essay topics and none of them sounded like they would be interesting to read. But, many people wrote about on of those topics and some even got in!

UGA degrees offered!

  • math/science
  • law
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Anthropology
  • Cell Biography
  • Many Health Degrees

and so much more!

I chose this project because it really helped me understand college and the money that goes into it. I think it will help many people with college and maybe some people will start planning now!
This graph shows what boys and girls knew about if the college they want to go to has the degree you want.
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