Canada in 2060

How will our nation have changed by 2060?

Canada as a nation

Our nation has for a long time been prided by its occupants for having a very good birth and death rate as well as accepting a large amount and wide diversity of immigrants. Will we keep this good profile for the next 45 years? How will our nation change by 2060 demographically, immigrationally, and in terms of how we treat natives? It's time to find out.

Treatment of natives

One of the shadiest matters of our nations history would be without a doubt the occupation and treatment of Natives. There have arisen many stereotypes about Natives that aren't at all true. To name a few, many Canadians see natives as a very ignorant group that is uncultivated and prohibited educationally, ethically, and technologically. People may also joke about Native religion and attire. Furthermore, there have been many debates as to whether or not the Canadian government has been fair to all Native Indians. In a sense, not much has changed between our two peoples since our European ancestors took this land. We still neglect the Natives just not as conspicuously. Although we don't war against them physically, we have done it diplomatically in deals that take away their land and the stereotypes we throw upon them. The Natives have been here long before us, but when you look at all of the land that we have taken from Natives by force, and the disease that our former settlers invoked upon them, we must ask ourselves, are they the savage people, or are we? Moreover, are they ignorant or are we, considering the fact that the majority of our population doesn't even know about the rude and unfair things that our government has done to natives. We can't change what has been done in the past, but the question is, within the next 45 years can we change the course of this nation ethically and change our views towards natives? I think that we can heal the rift between our nation and natives and that within the next 45 years our views towards natives may have changed drastically.
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We need to heal the rift

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Wab Kinew on the Stereotypes about Natives in Canada

Which one of these is a native?

Native Prejudice

If you don't think of regular Canadians as looking like this nowadays, then why would you think of Native Canadians as having feathers in their hair nowadays ?

Canada demographically

Canada has for a long time been considered as a very safeguarded and lenient country to live in which is why many people from other countries that feel insecure decide to emigrate to Canada. Canada is a very safe community with a exponentially low rate of crime with only 1.4 victims per every 1000 people in Canada! Canada also has a very low level of racial discrimination as oppose to many other countries. For reasons like this and many more, Canada has been ranked as one of the top 10 most peaceful countries to live in according to the global peace index. There is only an infant mortality rate of 4 children per every 1 thousand children, and the natural increase rate has more than compensated for net migratory losses. Canada's fertility rate on the other hand is only 1-2 children per woman. This isn't necessarily bad though as not only is this made up for in our natural increase rate and amount of immigrants coming in per year, but most of the developed countries in the world will have stable low birth rates. Exceptionally, in Canada there are only around 5 deaths for every live birth ! Although Canada may look all pretty on the outside though, many people still have stereotypical feelings toward natives and certain races. Without a doubt Canada has been very unfair and discreditable towards the First Nations as I am sure you have been well informed of in the prior section. The question is, will we be able to maintain such a peaceful, inclusive, and non-segregational profile for the next 45 years? In addition, although Canada has had such a good profile in terms of peacefulness, as I stated before, has it really been fair and considerate to it's former occupants, namely the natives and aboriginal people?

Canada population pyramid 2015

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Canada immigratonally

Canada's immigration rate history has been much like it's demographic history. Canada has been viewed in the past and the present as a very inclusive and synergetic community. Around 20% of Canada's population is all immigrants which quite obviously contributes to a very multi cultural community in which immigrants can feel safe and relative to. Furthermore, Canada houses many relatively unassailable communities which many emigrants can feel safe in due to the fact that there are many other immigrants in Canada from other countries. For this reason, many emigrants from other countries can feel comfortable in because of the collaborative and multi-cultural community. I think that we can be very proud of Canada's immigration history. I feel this way because not only has Canada been known for accepting the most immigrants, but also the widest national diversity of immigrants. This can be proven because in Canadian workplaces and schools you will see a very wide diversity of religions and cultures. However, if you look at many less politically and technologically less developed nations, you will not find the wide cultural diversity that you find in Canada. Moreover, Canada accepts around 250,000 immigrants every year which is much more than most nations. This is why Canada has such a wide diversity of immigrants; many people have heard of the freedom in Canada and seek to start a new life there. According to the Global peace index, Canada is rated among the top ten safest countries to live in in the entire world. Facts like these are why many people decide to start their new lives in Canada. Furthermore, Canada accepts immigrants without any bias towards ethnic or cultural background, but based on how these people can financially aid and enhance Canada’s economy. Canada promotes freedom of religious beliefs and diverse cultures which is why many people decide to come to Canada. I think that facts like these are something we should truly be proud of.

Since 2001 we've been known for accepting the most immigrants in the entire world

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Over the years our immigrant population has sky rocketed

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Predictions for Canada in 2060

Based on the given information, and Canada's growth demographically and immigrationally, I can't say that I expect Canada to grow as exponentially in birth rate as it has previously within the next 45 years. However, as is clearly illustrated in the image above, Canada's immigration rate within the past 5 years has more than made up for the decrease in birth rate in Canada. Over the past 5 years, Canada has had an 11.5 % increase in accepted immigrants every year. This is because of one of two reasons, or a combination of both: Canada has become more lenient in immigration policies or more immigrants have been applying to get into Canada. I believe that because of these reasons Canada is going to continue to accept more immigrants thus overshadowing it's birth rate. I don't think Canada's birth rate will change too much, but as the baby boomers, retire it's death rate may increase. However, I think all of this will be made up with by Canada's immigration policy. I don't think Canada will change too much demographically apart from the fact that people may be more stereotypical to middle eastern or east Asian people because of the issues of terrorism that have increased drastically in the past decade. These are the projections that I have for the next 45 years of Canada's history demographically, and immigrationallly.