Inside Canada

The real Canada

Canada's Environmental Issues

People think they the real thing about Canada but they are going to find out . In my research I have found out there has been many problems in Canada . In Canada there has been pollution by Factories , cars ,and trucks . More and more chemicals have gotten the air and it has caused air quality to decline . People are really getting worried . Acid rain has impacted the Great Lakes . If the factories chemicals get into the clouds with water it will create acid rain . which the result will be pollutant in the Great Lakes and may cause death to fish . By mining with big machinery it causes land and the environment to be damaged . This can also cause chemicals to be in the air and that cauases acid rain as well . The government has set up new rules . Some are that people need to reduce the mininig in the area and to reduce the amount of raw material but still foce on manufactuered goods . The timber industry is the main resource but it is ruining the forest the people are cutting to much would because it leaves spaces in the woods.By cutting down the wood animals can die and some can loose there habitat .

Quebec's Independence Movement

At the time people were using french for business . The put basically they they thought that they were the third wheel . People sued was the most used language instead of English . some people thought that everything will be taken from them like their language and they would take away their culture . Most Quebec people wanted independence some wanted to be separate from Canada . The people who wanted to be separate from Canada they wanted to protect the french language and culture and for another example , they wanted to be treated like equals and for Canadians to speak English . But the bad thing about it is some people don't want to do all of those things . In the future I think that it will be smart for Quebec to not be apart of Canada . I mean they would have all of the goods and supplies and food because they can have a great trading process also because they have so much rivers and lakes around Quebec so they would have a good life.

Canada's Governmant

Canada is a Constitutional monarchy , parliamentary democracy , and a federation . Canada is a monarchy that has a queen as head of the state with little power, a governor general that stands in for the queen and a prime minister who has the most power. Canada is a parliamentary democracy that is made up of the Senate and House of Commons. These groups choose the leaders. Canada is also a federation because it is a federal state. In regards to voting and personal freedoms, a citizen in Canada must be 18 to vote. The citizens vote to elect members of the House of Commons. Citizens have the personal freedom not to vote.