U.S relationship with Canada

Catarina Gonzalez


The U.S. and Canada share two borders. This border is officially known as the international border because it is the longest border in the globe. The two countries have worked together to promote security and to make it easier to cross the border, to make sure that it is open for trade and people, and closed to terrorists. Since the attack on September 11, U.S and Canada have both invested a lot of money on border security. The U.S. and Canada have strengthened the way they manage their border because of the Smart Border Declaration and Action plan, signed in 2001. This Act made sure that both countries cooperated to their problems. This has now been a model to many countries on how to work together on border problems.


When the Free Trade Agreement came in, the trade in goods tripled. Do to the agreement, the trade between the two countries is really strong, that we exchange about 1.5 million dollars in goods and services in 2013. U.S.'s number one customer is Canada, with sales of C$312 of goods. More than 8 billion jobs in the U.S. rely on investment and trade with Canada. In 2013, U.S. and Canada were the world's largest trading partners with C$782 billion in goods and services. In August 2009, at the North American Leader's Summit in Guadalajara, Stephen Harper, Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon assured that our integrated economies showed an engine of growth. We are also investing in advanced technology to facilitate trade, smoothly operate supple chains, meanwhile protecting our security.


Approximately 300,000 people cross the border daily by all modes of transport. Canadians go a long way when it comes to migrating to the U.S. In 1850, there were 148,00 Canadian foreign born residing in the country. By 1910, immigrants from Canada peaked to 1.2 million. Since 1970, the number of foreign born Canadians has stayed constant at the rate of about 800,000. For more information you can go to http://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/foreign-born-canada-united-states


Canada and the United States also share infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, pipelines, and electricity grid. Canada is America's biggest source of energy, such as the amount of oil and natural gas. For more information you can go to https://www.dhs.gov/news/2011/12/06/fact-sheet-beyond-border-united-states-%E2%80%93-canada-economic-relationship