From Apples to Apples Cider

By: Lilly Frederickson


Do you love apple cider? Well I will tell you how apple cider starts at the farm and ends up in your cup. Enjoy!


Apples are grown. A farmer comes and picks them. It doesn't matter witch color apple you use. The farmer leaves the apples out for a night. The next day the apples get a wash.Next the apples go to the factory.(The farm is the barn) That is the first step of apple cider.


Once the apples get to the factory they get one last cleaning. Once that is done,the apples go to a conveyer belt. The conveyer belt goes to a SHEDDER witch sheds the apples pits and all. A squasher makes all the juice drip into large catch pans.the cider flows into a large drum. The drum filters the apples out. Then the apples go into a troff. They then go to hot plates witch convert natural sugars from alcohol. Then the apples get wrapped and are shipped to a store near you!


It probably isn't a long trip to the store but it matters on were you are. At the store the apples are refrigerated. You can buy it. It is a good drink. Enjoy!

Fun Facts

Did you know that in the process of making apple cider you can make apple butter?


''Well, I hope you had a fun time learning''. ''Anyway talking about apple cider makes me thirsty I think I'll pour myself a glass of apple cider''.