True Beauty

Shane Sparklingeyes

What about me is beautiful?

I'm beautiful that i care more for others than i do for myself, since i'm always there for people when they need a helping hand, someone to talk with, or making their problems better by giving them good advice. I'm also beautiful because i'm very generous, since i'm constantly giving and not receiving, without regrets about my decisions. Also i'm never judging others by there appearances, and there actions, because my mom taught me to treat others the way i want to be treated.

How do i care for my body?

I care for my body when i eat healthy organics, working out to gain more brain cells, and avoiding things that can harm my body. Also i take really good care of my body, such as showering every morning, brushing my teeth, and doing my laundry to avoid bacteria from getting me sick. But there is many ways to care for your body and keeping yourself from getting sick. But lets keep it simple.

How can Jesus reach others through me?

People can reach Jesus through me if i gave powerful preaching's about Jesus and the Creator about the great miracles and sacrifices they both have made to show their love for us. Also they can see Jesus through me if i stay holy and humble to my neighbors, and show them right from wrong so they can do what Jesus wants them to do.

How might I grow and change in the future into the person God wants me to be?

I can grow and change into a person God wants me too if i follow his way of life, obey the 10 commandments he gave us, and love others the way he would love us. And stop with all the negativity in my life so i can start doing better and start working on myself and become the person i want to be, which is someone who strongly cares for others, even if they don't deserve my kindness, and doing humble gestures, also by showing equality to all my neighbors and don't judge people by their appearances or their conditions.

How can i become a better person?

I can become a better person, if i give my time to God more, and finish the bible to see what Gods plans are for us, what he wants us to do, and his love for us. So i have a better understanding about him and what i can do best to be successful. Also i can become a better person if i start working on myself to become someone i want to be, which is someone who is kind, humble, respectful, and loving to others, because lately i've been caught up trying to do the right thing for others but not for me, which made me get off track on the road. But i plan on making major changes in my life and achieving my goals. Not just for myself but my friends, family, and relatives.
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