A Bridge & Beyond

January 2019

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El Monte

Above and Beyond

BRIDGES wants to thank Nurse Eillen for bringing her enthusiasm, compassion, and her positive influence on our team. Eillen has been with BRIDGES for a little over 1 year, when we combine her time as a temporary contractor, and her subsequent hire as an employee in the summer of last year. Eillen is an empathetic nurse offering great care to a population that poses many medical needs and concerns.

Through her weekly groups, Eillen educates our clients about the importance of medication as well as physical and mental health. She works closely with the doctor and is the voice for many clients who may sometimes have difficulty expressing themselves and their needs with regards to their medication. Eillen brings life and vitality to the program in many ways. Eillen facilitates groups like Zumba and Karaoke, that get the clients moving and grooving. She has created a succulent garden outside of the group room, which has grown into something pretty amazing. Eillen helps enrich our holidays and events because of the energy she spends to help the facility look incredible. Clients and staff feel lucky to work with Eillen in our collective efforts to support the goals of wellness and recovery. Whether it’s working with clients on their medical needs, or decorating for an upcoming holiday for our clients, Eillen puts 110% of herself in everything that she does. She has role modeled what it means to be a team player and caring human being.

As we move into this new year, the BRIDGES community is thankful for Eillen’s commitment and dedication to our clients and our team. It is a pleasure to work with Eillen each day, as we strive together to help our clients achieve their goals. Thank you for all that you continue to do for our program, our clients and our staff Eillen, we truly appreciate you!

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Holiday time is always a great time at BRIDGES. We want to share some highlights with you from our Christmas celebrations last month. In El Monte, there were many special and fun activities held on site which promoted team, family, and laughter for both clients and staff.

There was a Christmas door decorating competition where each program had to decorate their office door and were judged based on creativity. Project Independence won for their Gingerbread themed door. Activity also included a surprise visit from Santa. Santa stayed to give out gifts to residential clients as well as some of our outpatient clients

Hacienda, in Canoga Park, also held festivities for the clients who reside in the program. Clients participated in a fun group activity where they ate different foods, experimenting with how their taste changed after trying miracle berry tablets. Everyone enjoyed the sudden switch between sour and sweet flavors. Afterwards, the clients opened their Christmas presents and were extremely grateful for the show of holiday spirit from BRIDGES.

It was definitely a month of fun here at BRIDGES!

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Jacqueline Nguyen [ Mental Health Advocate]

Jacqueline recently graduated from UCSD where she majored in Physiology and Neuroscience and volunteered in community service organizations dedicated towards mental health advocacy and peer mentorship. Jaqueline states"I feel that working at Bridges is a natural transition for me because of my volunteer and lived experience. I am excited to work for Bridges to help clients and bring awareness to mental health." During her free time, she likes to do yoga and catch up with her friends over boba.
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January is National Mentoring Month which focuses on how we can all work together to increase the number of mentors to make sure young people in our communities have dependable people to look up to and follow in their footsteps. It was inaugurated in 2002 and is spearheaded by the Harvard School of Public Health,MENTOR, and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Goals for January being National Mentoring Month are to raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms, to recruit individuals to mentor, especially in programs that have waiting lists of young people and to promote the rapid growth of mentoring by recruiting organizations to engage their constituents in mentoring.


Young Adults Who Were At-Risk for Falling Off Track But Had a Mentor Are:

55% more likely to enroll in college.

78% more likely to volunteer regularly.

90% are interested in becoming a mentor.

130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

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2019 – Twelve Months of the BEST Safety Records

What does it really take to make a safety culture successful? In order to have an effective safety and health management system the company must develop a corporate safety culture that encourages genuine employee involvement.

The important step in implementing an effective safety program is to gain the support of both management and employees. Commitment and involvement are complementary and essential elements of a sound safety and health program. Commitment by management provides the organizational resources and motivating forces necessary to deal effectively with hazards.

Employee involvement and feedback through clearly established procedures are likewise essential, both to identify existing and potential hazards and to develop and implement an effective way to abate all kinds of hazards.

To fulfill the safety program's goals, it is essential that the employer demonstrate leadership by developing ways for employees to report hazards, respond to those reports, and be involved in the overall safety program. To be effective, management leadership must be active rather than passive.

A successful program should take a team approach. Management leadership and employee involvement are complementary as well as essential to the success of the safety program. Employees' intimate knowledge of the jobs they perform and the special concerns they bring to their job give them a unique perspective that can be used to make the safety program more effective.

Employee participation provides the means through which workers develop and express their own commitment to safe and healthful work, as well as sharing in the overall success of the company. Organizations are increasingly seeking ways to increase employee involvement for safety to take them to the next level of safety performance.

When employees become an integral part of the safety process, meaningful and lasting changes occur. The involvement of all employees at every level is fundamental to the success of such programs. When employees feel involved they are much more likely to make suggestions for improvement, participate in new initiatives and “walk the extra mile”. Employees develop a sense of responsibility and pride in the success of the overall program, increasing safety and health awareness which affects not only themselves, but coworkers and visitors as well.

Most of the safety topics during 2019 will provide assistance to the organization in developing and maintaining the BEST possible safety records. We encourage monthly discussions of the organization’s safety results and continuing activities that support of the positive safety culture. These discussions can take place as part of the all employee training meetings, safety and health committee meetings, department meetings, management meetings, and others other opportunities that are presented.

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BRIDGES is on Instagram! Follow us to see how the staff and clients raise mental health awareness and have fun in recovery.


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BRIDGES TruStart Mental Health Center, Woodland Hills, is scheduling an Open House to be held in March. Look forward to more information as plans are being made!

Women's March LA

Saturday, Jan. 19th, 12-2pm

This is an online event.

Join us as we hold our politicians accountable at the next Women's March LA on January 19, 2019. Truth to Power is our call to action. The Women's March Los Angeles Foundation, a women-led 501(c)(3), brings together people of all ages, genders, races, cultures, political affiliations for a day of civic engagement at Pershing Square - Downtown Los Angeles.

MLK Classic Conceret

Saturday, Jan. 19th, 2-4pm

525 Wilshire Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra presents its annual Martin Luther King Weekend Concert at SGI-USA World Peace Ikeda Auditorium. Free, no reservations.

Free parking available in the structure at 1212 7th St.

MLK free museum day

Monday, Jan. 21st, 11am

5905 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

Admission is free to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, with live music (ranging from noise pop to classic soul to dreamy folk) and family activities at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Free.

Community Health Fair

Saturday, Jan. 26th, 11am-3pm

11301 Bullis Road

Lynwood, CA

Join us for a family day full of information, free health screenings, arts and crafts, music, bouncers, kids activities, raffles and more.




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