Trish's Tech Tips

A new year!

Trish's Tech Tips are brought to you by MVHS librarian, Trish Johnston. Each edition we will focus on a new bit of technology for you to use in your classroom. If you have a great idea for Trish's Tech Tips, please email Feel free to share with your friends. If you know someone who would like to be included in the email, let me know. Enjoy!

Good Chrome Extensions for teachers and students

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Clearly makes webpages easy to read. It removes unwanted ads and things that clutter your webpages.

Search by Image

Search by Image allows you to start a Google search using an image.

Page Archiver

Page Archiver allows you to archive a page to read offline later.

One Tab

One Tab is great for when you have lots of tabs open. It moves them all into a list and then you can restore them individually or all at once later.


Do you want to print something off the internet without the address bar and all of that junk? CleanPrint is the extension for you!


SpeakIt reads selected text from a website. This would work great for students who need the information but aren't reading at grade level.

Come see me!

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Also, a big thank you to Amy Hertzberg for her amazing Tech Tidbits that helped me create this tech page.