Why Choose TPCA for High School?

Weekly Look Into the Heart of Traders Point High School

Leadership Following Biblical Principles, Not Cultural Norms

Leaders succeed, and leaders fail. Unfortunately, we see far too many examples of leaders' failure to be humble and serve others more than self. As we prepare students to serve God and fulfill His call on their life, we are teaching them how to lead from a biblical viewpoint. A few of the growing leadership opportunities available our students are noted below.


Habits + Attitudes = Habitudes.

Each of our high school students has a staff mentor for their years at Traders. They meet weekly with this mentor and a small group of their peers. These groups serve many purposes for our students, including prayer, academic review, social and emotional support; service experience; bible study. One of the studies students take teaches biblical leadership and is titled "Habitudes", developed by Growing Leaders ministry in Atlanta, GA.

We believe that every student has leadership potential because leadership is influence. Specifically designed for students born in the past 25 years, Habitudes lessons are a fun, creative and engaging way for our students to learn and practice leadership. Habitudes teaches timeless character and leadership principles through the power of an image, a conversation and an experience, utilizing biblical leadership principles.

For more information about Habitues, click the linked video below.

Habitudes Made A Difference In My Life

Student Council

Leadership involves much planning and one of the best ways to learn to plan is through Student Council.

Sponsored by principal Mr. Jason Klingerman, our Student Council consists of two peer elected representatives from each grade plus four upperclassmen officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). The council meets regularly to plan social events, organize service opportunities and in general advocate for students and serve Traders Point as called upon.

While staff members guide the council, our students are primarily responsible to plan, organize, and carry out their various activities. Learning by doing can sometimes be clunky and not very pretty, but that is the very best way for students to become confident. Immersive learning. Some of the major council activities include:

  • Qtrly event: Homecoming Dance onsite
  • Qtrly event: Fall social dance onsite
  • Qtrly event: Winter semi-formal dance onsite
  • Qtryl event: Formal Prom offsite (no, it is not in our gym as rumor would say)
  • Coordinating service opportunities with staff
  • Providing assistance with school events


Our students each participate in a minimum of one internship during their time at Traders. This usually occurs during J-Term of their 12th grade year. With assistance from guidance counselor, Mrs. Julie Harris, student select the business or organization, contact them and finalize arrangements for one or more internships during J-Term. Many students participate in additional internship experiences during high school. These real-life experiences help them to "test the waters" on what career they believe God is calling them toward. In preparation for their internship experience, students learn and practice interviewing skills, business communication and proper etiquette.

Most students gain either confirmation or redirection as a result of their internship. That can translate into money saved for you or them down the road. Traders is committed to expanding internship opportunities for our students in the future. If you or your business/organization would be interested in hosting a Traders Point intern please contact Mrs. Harris at jlharris@tpcs.org.

Worship Band

Each week our high school students experience Chapel, which is held at Traders Point Christian Church on our campus in their youth center, The Block. The worship music is provided by our student led Worship Band. Under the guidance of vocal faculty, Mrs. Gail Powell, 7-8 students provide lead guitar, bass, percussion and vocals. Our students select the music, rehearse and completely lead during Chapel. This is a fantastic way for them to learn very public leadership skills. You are warmly invited to join them for Chapel any Thursday at 11:35 am in The Block.


Another wonderful opportunity for our students to learn and exercise leadership is through participation in Yearbook. Under the direction of Mrs. Danielle Tooley, English faculty, students learn and provide photography, writing, design and editing to produce our annual Traders Point Yearbook. They learn a great deal about people, planning, time and project management, meeting deadlines and leading others while taking this class which meets during elective period. Copies of recent publications are available in our front office if you have not reviewed a copy. Again, immersive learning is best for their development, so our students do all of the work.
Before you know it, your 6th-8th grader will be in high school. We know you want a school that will not just fill them with information, but help them be wise. We want to make sure you know as much about our high school program as we do.

Each week we send you this enews sharing one tidbit about our classes, student and graduate accomplishments, facility updates, faculty bios - anything we think will help you to know WHY you would choose Traders for your child's high school. We already know and love your child and have built a program that is intentional about their academic and spiritual growth. What better place for them to become wise and fully prepared to fulfill God's plan for their life!