The Book Thief by Mark Zusak

Sometimes, books are worth stealing.

Jaden Thompson P6 Mrs.Adams book report
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Simile and Metaphor

Simile His blond hair althrough darkening, was like a candle.Page 440. It is comparing Rudys hair to a candle. Metaphor But it was the stealing that cemented their friendship completely. Page 149. The author is comparing Rudys and Liesels friendship to the stealing.


The holocaust was a terrible event. The German created concentration camps. They enslaved the following : Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, communists, and political dissidents. Mainly The Jewish were killed, about six million Jewish people were gassed, murdered, or cremated. In the late 1930s Hitler began implementing what he called "then final solution to the Jewish question."

Personification and Hyperbole

Personification- "a bathrobe answered the door." page 42. A bathrobe cannot answer the door. It is given a human trait.

Hyperbole- "In the words of Rudys younger sisters, there were two monsters sitting in the kitchen." page 407. The two men (monsters) sitting in the kitchen were scaring Rudys younger sisters.

Hope you enjoyed!