Chase Pembrook

that one guy

Fun facts, four facts for fun.

One. A rather simple one, I was born two months early. Having supposed to have been born some time in middle December, I instead was born on October 12th to everyones surprise.

Two. My future plans include going to UCM and majoring in Electrical Engineering and just seeing where life takes me after that. So far in the process I have applied and I am awaiting results as of January, 5th.

Three. I don't actually live in Belton, or at least, not any more. two years ago I moved to Cleveland Missouri and since Cleveland is in the middle of nowhere, it is actually closer to just go to Belton schools.

Four. This extra fact was just made because the term "Fun facts, four facts for fun" sounds good.


What I do when I am not here.

Mainly go hang out with random friends at random places. Generally we end up eating somewhere most of the times. Other than that we generally just talk and hang out.