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Cyberbullying is a form of bullying where you delibratelty antagonise or tease someone in an unfriendly way via the internet. This can be done on social networking such as facebook ,,kik etc.

How to prevent cyber bullying

Cyber bullying can easily be prevented by :not accepting people you dont know onto social networking sites, blocking the bullies and not making an account. People who are being cyber bullied can: gather the evidence,dont retaliate, seek help from a trusted friend or adult and remember to be strong its not your fault that people are bullying you.

Examples of cyberbullying

Theres no harm in helping someone out

How to notice if others are getting cyberbullied

Sometimes a friend may be getting bullied online but might not want to come forward and tell anyone whether they be scared or too uncomfortable. This makes it your job  to find out if this is happening to them.One of the main symptoms of cyberbullying is when a happy or normally outgoing person suddenly beacomes sad or secluded. You could ask them if everything is okay and make sure that they know your always going be there for them when they need you and that your always there to talk. That way hopefully they'll feel comfortable enough to approach you without you having to force it out of them. If they tell you that they are being bullied Its important to gather evidence and proof.If its through messages on there phone or facebook inbox etc,You should print off the messages for proof and go with your friend to either the school princible or counseler, a trusted adult or someone that you know will be able to help out.

Where to find help?

If you are still having trouble with cyberbulling try the following information and see if this helps you out: