Pumpkin Storybook Characters

are coming to the Keith Library

Pumpkin Party!

The Keith Library is hosting a pumpkin party from Oct. 30- Nov. 2. Choose your pumpkin carefully, you will be transforming it into a character from a library book! Be creative, use fabric, paper, paint, markers and other craft supplies to make your pumpkin stand out in the crowd. You might use green paint to make Froggy from the picture book series. You might use black and white paint to make Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty, or blue paint to make Pete the Cat. Use your imagination. We are looking for pumpkins that are created, not carved or punctured. TStop by and check out all of the pumpkin creations. Everyone who enters is a WINNER!


  • Only one pumpkin per Keith family. (mom and dad CAN help)

  • Only book characters will be accepted. (which book character will you choose?)

  • NO CARVING or PUNCTURING ALLOWED. (Carved pumpkins make a big mess and a stinky library)

  • Each pumpkin entry must be accompanied by an entry card.


  • Family’s Last Name______________________________
  • Student’s Name(s)_______________________________
  • Homeroom Teacher_____________________________
  • Our Character is:_____________ from the book:__________________________


  • Monday October 30 bring pumpkin characters to the Keith Library.
  • Thursday November 2 pick up all pumpkins from the library. All pumpkins not picked up by a parent will be sent home with students at dismissal. (sorry- no pumpkins will be sent home on the bus. All pumpkins that are left in the library after Nov. 3rd will be disposed of by 4pm) There will be no pumpkin pick available during the sock hop.
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