The Rain forest

By: Jack Dornan

Scientists have spent time researching the rain forest. There are three main geographical spots where you can find a rainforest. (Blue Planet Biomes) They are found in Central America, Africa, and Indo Asia. The climate of the rainforest is hot, rainy, humid, and on average 93 degrees. ( Blue Planet Biomes) The layers of the rain forest are the forest floor, lower canopy, the umbrella, and the upper canopy. (Blue Planet Biomes) Animals have adaptations in order to live in the rainforest. Slender Loris eats thorney vegetataion where they can escape. Another one is the Red Shanked Douc Langur. It lives in the upper canopy in order to stay safe from predators. Also it eats and drops food for the other animals that live in the rain forest. (Blue Planet Biomes) The animals stay near places were the can easily escape. The rain forest is so unique.The tempature is 20-25 degrees Celsius. it must remain warm and frost free. The rain forrest generates most of the oxygen for the world. The planets are important to use in drugs, fight disease, and illnesses. (Blue Planet Biomes)