6th Grade Cheetahs 2016-2017

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Social Studies

Brazil is our next stop as we travel through Latin America. We will examine the many aspects of the Amazon and Rain Forest such as endangered species, deforestation, medical treatments, and land conservation. Every place we have visited is rich in history, culture, and natural resources!


This week in science we will be focusing on chemical changes. We will distinguish between physical properties and chemical changes. We will also identify the formation of new substances by using the evidence of chemical changes.

English/Language Arts

This week, students are studying how figurative language contributes to the meaning of poems.


We will continue to work with fractions this week. Students will learn to divide fractions and mixed numbers.

Homework due Friday 10/14
1. Pass 2 TTM Lessons
2. Problem Solving Redos

Important Dates

10/14 KAH Wear PJs for $1

10/17-10/21 Book Fair

10/21 Cheetah Champion Breakfast

10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week

10/24 Cyber Safety Program (see below)

10/26 Health Hustle

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