Educational Apps

5 must have apps to have in your classroom!

SMART Notebook

SMART notebook is perfect for a classroom that uses a SMART board! Since many classrooms depend on the SMART board for interactive lectures it helps students to be able to revisit that lesson! It also helps students who missed a class or lesson to be able to experience the lesson without having it distract the other students at the front of the class. You can also send lectures already made in notebook on the computer so students can see those as well. This a great tool for any grade!

Algebra Genie

This app helps you with everything algebra! Since I want to teach junior high students, I thought this app would work perfectly! It has lessons and games to help you remember and practice your algebra skills! It covers more than 14 topics including algebraic expressions, exponents and linear relations. This tools is awesome for math students!

Teaching Table

This is another math app that will help students master math concepts! This app includes lessons and manipulatives to help students really understand the concepts presented! This app can be used in a full class setting, a small group setting or one on one! It gives teachers an opportunity to create interactive questions that students can use to study or practice! Please watch the video below!
Teaching Table - an iPad Math App

McGraw-Hill K-12 eFlashcards

I belive this app will work perfectly in Alberta schools since most of our textbooks are McGraw-Hill. This app covers every topic in their textbooks and creates flashcards of key terms and definitions! This will ensure students know all the key terms for any assignments, quizzes and exams!

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

This app would work perfectly for any grade level! Teachers can create instructional videos and share them with students. You can annotate, animate and narrate your lessons! Its a great and easy tool to connect students with content!