Marquis De Lafayette

by: Ryker Hunt

Marquis De Lafayette was a great hero to this country for his contributions to the civil war. Because of him we had a much larger chance of gaining our independence.

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Marquise De Lafayette was born on september 16th, 1757 in a French mansion. He always seemed bored with his life because he wanted to do something more. When he heard of the americans fighting for independence, He decided to join the revolution, so he left france to help the colonists.

When he arrived he was welcomed and the colonist let him join without a second thought. Because he was a french nobleman who also knew about strategy they gave him a major general position in the army. when he joined he noticed how desperate the situation was in america the soilders barely had any supplies or even weapons so he did what he could to help by bring proper supplies, and soldiers from france. He helped greatly in many battles such as Bradywine, Barren Hill, and yorktown . After the battle of saratoga he did what he could to persuade the rest of france to join and help the colonist. He returned to france december, 1781, and he passed away on may 20th, 1834.

He was a great general whom even though it wasnt even his country he decided to help us win our freedom and independence.

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