Learn while having fun!

Holiday Fun from the Library

Wondering what to do at home during the holidays? Look no further! Ms. Bery is giving you the gift of wonder, exploration, curiosity and FUN!

Check out a book!

These are just some of the great NEW books in our library! Come check one out and take it home for the holidays.

We have a growing collection of ebooks in our school library catalog. No more waiting - everyone can read these books at once! Login to MackinVia using our school login (on the library website), then create your own account in Mackin to download and read the books you want!

TBC, Jr has lots of great e-books, audio books and National Geographic videos that are great for students in grades 3-8.

Wondering about Bollywood? Or whether ligers are real? Check out Wonderopolis, a place to explore, learn, and let your imagination run wild.
Have fun reading books online AND do some good in the world! When you read a book online at We Give Books, they will donate books to children around the world.

Listen to some of your favorite books being read aloud by famous people at Storyline.

Test your knowledge of vocabulary and facts on FreeRice and help feed hungry people around the world - each correct answer results in 10 grains of rice being donated through the UN's World Food Programme.

Starfall.com has fun stories and games for beginning and growing readers. Practice your letters, sounds, reading short stories, and even math games.

Learn about animals and the natural world, do fun crafts and activities, and check out the great collection of educational videos at NatGeo Kids.