The Career for Me

Charlotte McGaughy

#1. Journalist (art/books/theatre/culture/fashion)

I love to write and I'm very creative. I'm enthusiastic about the the fine arts and cultural scene in journalism and would love to write for a print or online magazine, newspaper, or freelance company.

-Salary: $46,370 (median salary in NYC)

-Growing industry

-Education required: BA in Journalism or Communications major. Possible minor in art history or fine arts and culture realm.

-Experience required: Many journalists begin their careers with smaller publications or broadcast networks, often as general assignment reporters assigned to news. From there, you can work your way up.

-Work Hours: Journalists generally work 39 hours a week, but sometimes more. The hours depend on the production deadlines of the news organization. Working overtime is common.

-Employee benefits: Possible travel for stories, Access to the heart of public media, Time off, possible overtime pay, health insurance and retirement plans.

#2. Theatrical Stage Manager

I have been very passionate about the theatre since I was young and I have the kind of professional experience as a stage manager already. It would be amazing to further this into a career. I'm a leader, I'm organized, detail oriented, knowledgeable about all aspects of the theatre, and experienced.

-Salary: Equity Stage Manager Minimum – $10.67/hr

-Steady industry

-Education required: BA in Theatre Management

-Experience Required: prior experience is recommended and training as an Equity Stage Manager is encouraged. Some stage managers jump between shows and others get hired as the manager for a season.

-Work Hours: Working hours typically include regular hours, as evening and weekend work and long hours are typical.

-Employee benefits: Equity sets minimum salaries for theatre stage managers. However, it’s possible for freelance stage managers with plenty of experience and a fantastic reputation to earn a whole lot more.

College Options: