Villain of the Future

By Morgan A.

Thorium (Th) the Element

This element has 142 neutrons, 90 protons and electrons, an atomic number of 90 and a mass of 232.03806. This element is...

  • Radioactive
  • Chemically reactive
  • Has the highest melting point of any oxide
  • Silvery-white metal
  • Bright and soft
  • Is attacked by oxygen, hydrogen, the halogens and sulfur.

It was discovered by Jöns Berzelius at 1829 in Sweden. It was named after "Thor", the mythological Scandinavian god of war.

Some important uses of Thorium are...

  • Fueling nuclear reactors
  • Thorium dioxide is used for heat resistant ceramics
  • Most non-nuclear uses of Thorium are driven by the unique properties of its oxide

Thorium the Villain

Introducing the newest super villain to the 21st century! Thorium is here to increase world heat by causing nuclear explosions with his unlimited supply of bombs and missiles, and controlling lightning with his hammer, but be warned, don't touch it! Not only will he get mad at you at 3300°C, but his hammer will burn your hands, leaving horrible scares.

At the hottest time of day, Thorium gains full and extreme power. He will burst into a searing flame and burn his enemies. His brilliantly bright light will deprive you of your sight. His only weakness is water and he dissolves in hydrochloric, so he travels to towns and cities that are in a drought.

Thorium is a very dangerous villain, so be alert because you never know.... maybe he is near you.