By : Ty Figueroa

Major Languages and Religons

Brazil is mostly Portuguese and they speak very little Spanish. More than 3 quarters of Brazil speak Portuguese. The major religions of Brazil are roman catholic 64.6% and protestant 22.2%.

Major Physical Features

1 physical feature is the Amazon basin. The Amazon basin is in South America drained by the Amazon River . The Amazon basin covers an area of about 6,915,000 km. Another physical feature is Brazilian Highlands. The Brazilian Highlands or Brazilian Plateau is a region, covering most of the eastern, southern and central portions of Brazil, in all it takes up about half of the country's land at 4,500,000 km.
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Famous Landmarks

one famous land mark is Rio de Janerio is the second largest city in Brazil, the sixth largest city in the America and the world's thirty-fifth largest city by population. another one is sao paulo. sao paulo is the largest city in brazil. and has the twelfth most population in the world
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Cultural Traits

some Cultural Traits are coffee,soybeans,wheat,rice,sugar cane, and corn. All of those are exports. The clothes they where is directly based on the climate. Some ceremonies they do are carnivals,festivals and every year they put blocos (fancy balls) the upscale of the city. the sports they like to play/do are Jiu Jitsu, Football (Soccer), American Football, Team Handball and Volley Ball.

Important History

The War of Independence of Brazil was between Brazil and Portugal. It started on February 1822, when the first shots between militias took place, to November 1823, when the last of the Portuguese gave in. The war was fought on land and sea and was between both regular forces.Fights between militias broke out in the streets of the main cities in these places. even though back up came from Portugal in 1822. The Portuguese forces were able to stop the local militias in some cities, but they couldn't stop the militias in most of the other cities.
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