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Week of January 30,2023

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This week in Guidance, students were learning about all aspects of showing Empathy and Kindness to others. We were doing the Quaver application as well as reading books,and having discussions about how to show empathy to others. Our 4th and 5th students enjoyed the stations at lunch with Kindness activities. We are chalking the walk on Friday, January 27. We also learned about 5th Grade courses in 5th Grade Guidance. Our SALT team is doing well. Hope you have had a great weekend!

Your Proud Prestwick Counselor,

Mrs. Burrell


It's almost time for our school's Kids Heart Challenge kickoff!!! Who is excited to meet the HEART HEROES?! Register today through the KIDS HEART CHALLENGE app or register at www.heart.org/khc.




This week all classes “kind bombed” the library with sweet notes placed throughout our shelves inside books! We read motivational stories about being kind to others and ourselves. Stories read include “I Promise” by Lebron James, “The Word Collector” by Peter Reynolds, and third graders followed their poetry unit by reading “Poem in my Pocket” by Chris Tougas.

3rd-5th grade is very excited to meet Mrs. Nancy Churnin tomorrow for our author visit where she will be giving a presentation on the writing process and some of her books that she’s written.

Also, mark your calendars for our spring book fair, Feb. 21-24. It will be out of this world!


In class Third through Fifth graders will write and Illustrate an original comic book and will begin to create digital versions of their drawn comics.

Kinder -Second grade will begin to explore different types of paint, brushes, papers, color mixing, and 3-D materials

Our next contests:

  • TAEA-Texas Elementary Art Meet (information below is directly from the TAEA website)
  • What is TEAM

    A TAEA visual arts event recognizing exemplary elementary student artwork.

    Who can participate

    Any elementary teacher that is a current TAEA member may enter works of as many students as you wish, but no more than 2 works per individual student.


    Each individual entry will require a $12 entry fee to cover the cost of judging, webmaster, accounting, certificates, ribbons, and medals, and/or handling.


    All artwork needs to be mailed or delivered to the address as instructed by the regional director.


    All work, forms, and fees must be received by the date of your Regional Event.

    Each Work Must Include

    • A Student Agreement and Artwork Release Form
    • A Student Intent and Artwork Identification Form
    • An entry fee

    Attaching Forms

    • The Student Intent and Artwork Identification form — is taped securely on the back of the artwork.
    • Student Agreement and Artwork Release form — Paperclip all together with the Entry Certification form and place in a large envelope.
    • Bring work in a portfolio that is clearly labeled with your name, school, and district.

    Suggestions for Selecting Artwork for the Contest

    • A variety of works of art is encouraged (processes, techniques, media, or themes).
    • Similar-looking projects are discouraged.
    • Try to stay away from entering only one assignment.
    • Select pieces from multiple grade levels and grading periods.


    By grade level based on TEAM standards. (See Adjudication Process.)


All entries will receive a certificate and either a ribbon or a medal.

  • Participation ribbons or medals will be awarded according to rating.
  • Certificates will be printed by the participating teacher.
  • All works receiving an exemplary rating will receive a medal.
  • All other entries will receive participation ribbons.
  • The top 10% of artworks will receive a Top of Team certificate and possibly have work placed on the TAEA website.
  • Letters of congratulations will go to the principals.

Good Luck Lobos

Mrs. Printis (click to email me)


Next week will be another Learning.com week. Students who finish early will have the opportunity to build and create with our makers materials or complete curriculum enhancing applications on their computers.


This week in music we are learning about lunar new year and having fun with some Lunar New Year music and books!

Kindergarten is starting to learn about rhythm

1st grade is learning how to play on our barred instruments (xylohpones, glockenspiels, and mettalophones) for the first time.

2nd grade is practicing songs for our Winter Concert

3rd grade is learning about The Nutcracker

4th grade is learning the basics about playing the recorder.

5th grade is identifying a new pitch and learning about The Nutcracker
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